Ascendo quoted in South Florida Business Journal: Advice from CEOs Article

15May, 2013

Ascendo quoted in South Florida Business Journal: Advice from CEOs Article

Fastest-growing companies: Advice from CEOs – Part 1
By Gilberto Medina

The Business Journal asked some of the top executives of the region’s fastest-growing companies: What is your best advice for quickly growing a business in South Florida? We are sharing some of the answers this week. On Friday, check out our print edition for the full Top 50 Fastest-Growing Companies list.

Here’s part one of three:

“I suggest the TTSS formula for quickly growing your business. The formula encompasses four key elements:

  • Hire the best talent.
  • Train that talent over and over again, and invest in them.
  • Service your clients.
  • Sales will be driven organically.”

Edward de Valle II, CEO, AMGW Agency

“Start doing it (instead of saying and/or thinking about it). Trust your gut. Take risks. Be passionate about what you are offering. Surround yourself with smart and successful individuals. Go the extra mile in order to be better than the best. Listen carefully to both your clients and employees. Be willing to share the wealth with your team because it is better to have a smaller piece of a big pie. Lead by example. Have fun and enjoy the ride.”

Gustavo Pena, Managing Partner, Ascendo Resources

“Diversifying was the key to our excellent growth strategy, as it allowed us to have multiple streams of income that can often fill the industry voids, company restructuring and realignments. We learned new industry areas by doing our homework and networking. While most firms try to work with everyone in their respective industry, we tend to differ and look to our clients long term. The reason: If we worked with everyone – like many try to do – then we would be recruiting from your own clients. We go by the philosophy of being client driven for the long haul. Another key to our success is our eye for detail in our presentations and candidate profiling. [You should] always have an eye for detail, rather than toss it up and see if it sticks. We let our quality of work take us where we need to be. We are constantly working in new areas of specialty and have no fear in doing so. This does not put all the eggs in one basket, as we manage the activity, not the numbers.”

Bennett S. Vivona, President, The Bentley Channel Group