What NOT to Say on a Resume

In today’s highly competitive job market, having a stellar resume is more important than ever. You have to give your prospective employer a reason to consider you as a candidate rather than the hundreds of others.
Whether you’re applying for a full-time position or a temp agency, your resume must be filled with words and phrases that jump of the page and resonate with the person reading it – which is usually a hiring manager.
What NOT to say on a resume is every bit as important as what you do say. Here some phrases that have no business on your resume:
• Hardworking: Hiring managers and recruiters will assume that every applicant is hard-working, so there is no reason to list it as an attribute. Showing them is much better; for example, did you graduate with honors while also working full time? That shows you know how to manage your time and are dedicated, focused and hardworking!
• Detail oriented: This is almost a challenge for the person reading your resume to find a mistake, whether it’s spelling, grammar or formatting. Even the smallest error will have them questioning just how detail oriented you really are.
• Go-to Person: Were you really? Did co-workers come to you for advice and help on their projects? Did your manager give you extra responsibilities because he/she knew you could handle it? Then by all means, list those responsibilities on your resume, but try not to use the term, “go to.”
• Salary negotiable: You’re applying for the position because you are confident you’re the best candidate for the job. You have the skills, knowledge and experience to do the job well and you know you’ll be a great fit for the company. So why you would want to negotiate the salary? If you’re as good as you believe you are then you are worth every penny that they are willing to pay you – and probably more.
• Team Player: Instead of just listing this on your resume, show them how you were a team player. Talk about how you helped complete a major project for your department, or how you led your team of co-workers to a double-digit sales growth in 6 months.
• References available upon request: Hiring managers will assume that you have references and if they want them they will ask for them in the interview stage. Putting this on your resume has no value and in fact, the reader may just think you ran out of things to say about yourself.

Today’s resumes need to be clear, concise and contain enough information that gets the reader interested in what else you have to say in person. Always double check your resume for spelling and grammar errors; then check them again. Have someone else proofread it as well. Consider taking it to a professional resume writing service so they can give you pointers or advice as well. Your resume is the first step in the door – make sure it’s good enough that you get that interview and can further show off your skills and talent!

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