Whether they are dissatisfied with their current practice location or are tired of the administrative responsibilities that come with private practice, each physician’s decision to seek out greener pastures is a very important and personal choice. Now, with many more physicians pursuing improved quality of life and financial stability in a changing healthcare landscape, physicians are becoming more likely to consider a move.


While each physician’s situation is unique, recent surveys show that there are four main motivating factors behind a physician’s decision to pick up and move to another city or state. See the four main reasons for physician relocation in the infographic below:





For physician recruiters, it is crucial to understand a potential candidates motivations for relocating to ensure that the move is not just a temporary one. Some actions physician recruiters can take to ensure that the candidate weighing a move is a good fit for the organization’s community:

  • If the candidate has a spouse or partner, make sure to inquire as to what career opportunities and hobbies the spouse has. Making sure the spouse is a good fit for the community is key!
  • Ask a candidate if they have family or friends in the area. If not, make sure that they have an otherwise compelling reason to move to the area, or risk losing them down the road.
  • Find out what hobbies and interests your candidates have outside of medicine. Making sure they can pursue their outside interests in your community is key.
  • Make sure that your organization’s compensation plan and incentives are competitive with industry standards so as to attract and retain top candidates.





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