What Employers Say

Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer

“I’m not one to easily give endorsements, but I am happy to in your case! Great team with great leadership. Able to understand hiring requirements, traits and personality from an intuitive standpoint and then source multiple viable candidates. Very organized and expeditious. Highly recommended!”

CEO at a Telecommunications company

“Ascendo has provided recruiting services for multiple positions in my company. They have a very personal and proactive approach to recruiting which has been key to providing us with high caliber candidates. Not only do the candidates meet our technical requirements but also the company culture.   I enjoy working with the staff at Ascendo and highly recommend them.”

Partner of a CPA Firm

“Robin, You were so professional in helping me locate a candidate. I’ve never worked with such a high-end professional. You actually listened to every request I had for a candidate; you didn’t just send me a resume to send me something. You took pride in your work and servicing your client. I would refer you to anyone. The candidate we hired is excellent! Thank you for everything.”

Vice President at an Advisory Firm

“Working with Ascendo has been wonderful! They are very quick to respond and have provided top tier candidates for every position we have had to fill. Ascendo’s professionalism and positive attitude are impressive and I look forward to working with them for all our staffing needs.”

Mobile App Design and Development Company

“We had just about given up on using recruiters, but Ascendo’s attention to detail and quality people can’t be beat. You can tell that they’re advocating for their candidates without forcing anyone irrelevant on you. Worth every penny.”

HR Director

“My experience with Ascendo has been very positive. The group works hard to figure out what is the ‘right’ type of person, both in skills sets and personality, to ensure a good fit when making a placement. I would recommend Ascendo to those looking for a job or for those looking to hire.”

Director of Human Resources at a Nationally Traded Media Company

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Ascendo Resources for my staffing needs for at least five years; I know Gustavo Peña for almost ten. From the first time we started doing business, Ascendo Resources and Gustavo Peña have made it a priority to know our company well and understand it’s needs. So, no matter what has been the request, direct reports or temporary support, they have been able to provide the best candidate in a very short period of time. They are there for the entire process and any problem or issue that develop, they will do everything in their power to make it right. It is for these reasons and more that I highly recommend Ascendo Resources as the company for your staffing needs.”

Accounting Manager at an Engineering and Infrastructure Construction Firm

“I have utilized Ascendo Resources to fill several openings that I have had in my Accounting Department. Being a part of a large growing company contains several challenges. Fortunately, they have made one of the most difficult challenges, hiring new employees, a very simple one. While attempting to fill the first position I worked with several recruiting agencies. Unfortunately, I often times felt they were submitting any resume they could find. However, Ascendo Resources dedicated time to get to know me, my expectations, as well as their candidates. This is what I feels makes them a brilliant staffing agency.”

VP and Head of HR at a Global Financial Institution

“One of the best ways to serve the needs of a busy company while short on staff resources is to partner with someone (company) who is competent, honest and always willing to share knowledge. This is the experience I consistently have with Ascendo Resources. They are a trusted external business partner that works tirelessly to deliver great results. I consider them an extension of our staff and an invaluable member of the team.”

CPA Firm

“Ascendo placed a Staff Accountant on my team and the interview process was seamless. The candidate is qualified, bright, and has great potential to within our firm.”

What Candidates Say

Isel Garcia

“I moved to the area and was contacted shortly after by “Robin R”, a recruiter at Ascendo Resources for an opportunity that proceeded with 3 interviews and a fabulous offer with a great financial company in the Palm Beach area. Robin and others I met with at Ascendo were very professional and I could tell had my best interest at heart. Thank you Robin for getting me the job of my dreams with excellent benefits in South Florida. I highly recommend you and Ascendo! You are by far the best recruiters!”

Kim Howard Willis

“I am so thankful to Ascendo!!! Kayla Speck & Kristen Webber in Atlanta GA are awesome! The 1st time I spoke with Kayla, I had an interview the same day. The first day I spoke with Kristen, I had a phone interview the next day, interviewed with the company the following day and had the job within a week. I’m still going strong…I love my job! These ladies take their job very serious and will go out of their way to assist you in getting employment. They are truly team players. Thank You Again Ladies!”

Latoria Pearson

Hi Melissa, thank you for the card in the mail and all your help getting this position. I’ve submitted my resume two other times through indeed with other agencies and never got past a phone interview with the agency. Thank you for seeing me fit for the position and working with me every step of the way to ensure I get an offer. Ascendo Resources is definitely the go-to agency for Kroger direct hire positions.

What Employees Say

Anna Smith
Talent Acquisition Manager

“Great people at all levels of the company. Joining Ascendo is like joining a family – everyone is very supportive of each other and has a great time together. Fast paced environment with a work hard/play hard mentality. Can’t go wrong working with Ascendo!”

Ascendo Resources Employee

“I have worked for Ascendo for almost three years and have loved every minute. Amazing culture, work, ethics, and growing, growing, growing! They also helped me find my new opportunity, so thank you very much!”

Ascendo Resources Employee

“My experience at Ascendo Resources was the best I could have imagined. They were extremely personable, which put me at ease at our very first meeting. They looked at my resume and exuded confidence that my skills and experience would get me a job soon. In fact, I had an interview scheduled right away and they even provided me helpful tips for that interview. They stayed in touch and kept me updated about that job possibility. A former co-worker, currently working in New York City gave them my name. They called me that same day and I now have a job!”

Amy Costello

We’re going to deliver the candidate that fits exactly what our client’s need is. We do a thorough screening and five reference checks between previous employers and people they’ve worked with. We also go through a skills checklist. A lot of our business isn’t generated off of job boards, we work a lot off of referrals from candidates that have done a great job. I feel that our turnaround as far as retention is higher than other agencies, because we’re not just pulling candidates that aren’t looking or aren’t working right now. We’re pulling people that are actually working in permanent positions and looking for a better opportunity. They’re leaving their job to come on board with us.

Ivan Pulido

“I have experienced personal and professional growth since being recruited by Ascendo. They give you the best of both worlds by allowing you to be an employer and also a business owner. We have the freedom to manage our business within the guidance and a framework of Ascendo.

Juan Jimenez
Ascendo Resources Employee

“We particularly stand out from the competition because we are experienced experts in our field. It feels great to help clients within the banking industry because we come from that industry and we can efficiently find the quality candidates they are looking for.

Angie Langlois

“Our Jacksonville office was a startup last year, but we’ve seen tremendous growth and there are a lot of exciting things happening. Banking, healthcare and technology are all on fire right now!

Joan Sturge

“If I had to explain Ascendo’s culture in 5 words, I would say we are friendly, professional, positive, hardworking & energetic.

Kristina Camacho
Managing Director

“I would say what separates us from other institutions is our consultative approach. We really listen to what our clients want, and we maintain constant communication. We want to do best by our clients. We want to make sure that they’re happy. We don’t just stop after the position is filled. We continue to check in to make sure our candidate is performing well and assist in any other roles the client needs filled.

Mark Tumada
Managing Director

“Ascendo has some really good players on their team and that fosters a competitive environment. I like to compete. Seeing other offices’ succeed lights the fire in me to go the extra mile.

Melissa Mitchell

“Since I started at Ascendo, I’ve seen the company grow in the areas of streamlining processes, adding new technologies and training in order to help with the success of new individuals that start. The Orlando market has grown because we’ve been consistent for the last four years and we continue to expand our network. I started the Orlando market from the bottom and in the past three years we’ve billed over 600,000.

Nicolas Ramirez
Managing Director

“The number one reason I believe that you should work with an Ascendo professional is because all our recruiters have some sort of technical background that applies to the marketplace. Whether it’s accounting, finance, legal, healthcare, we’ve all been pre-screened and we’ve gone through a very thorough vetted process in order to be hired here. We are a boutique firm, which means that we do not work with a massive amount of candidate flow. You have an opportunity to really have a more personal relationship with your recruiter. We’ve had many success stories where candidates stay in a long-term relationship with us and often times these candidates end up being our clients.

Jessica Prado
Business Development Manager

“My favorite part about recruiting is being able to take someone’s career to the next level and improving the quality of life for the individual and for their family. I would recommend Ascendo Resources to those who have special skills and are interested in growing and developing their business. We have tenured recruiters who are readily available to guide you in developing your business.

Peri Ginsberg 
Managing Director

“I think Ascendo is an organization made up of highly talented individuals that know this space and care about their employees. They coach, they mentor, and they provide all the means for someone to succeed.

Ronaq Lakdawala

“Ascendo is one of the fastest growing staffing firms in South Florida and that speaks for itself. I’ve worked with three different staffing firms in my lifetime and I can say that Ascendo takes care of their clients more than other firms. They don’t see them just as a number and throw resumes at them. They actually take our time to understand what’s important to them in order make the right match.

Steven Meadows

“What sets us apart is our people, our recruiters. If I get a client today, I can promise them that I will find them a nurse by the end of the week. I can say that because I know what my team can do. The real difference between Ascendo and the next recruiting firm is in fact that we can deliver and that’s the only way you stay in business long term.