Physician Job Descriptions

28Sep, 2017

6 Mistakes Physician Recruiters Make in Job Board Postings


One of the most popular candidate sourcing tools physician recruiters use are online job boards. With most active candidates taking their search online, job boards offer increased exposure for a recruiter’s open positions. Unfortunately, the competition for talent searching for opportunities online is fierce, and it’s easy for your position to get lost in the hundreds of opportunities on any given job board.

7Sep, 2017

5 Tips for Jumpstarting Fall Physician Recruitment Efforts


The fall is a busy time for physician recruiters. With many healthcare organizations finalizing their budgets for the following year and even more physicians seeking out new opportunities, fall physician recruitment efforts can make or break a healthcare organization’s ability to meet their recruitment goals.


21Jul, 2017

Job Boards:Tips on Timing,SEO & Google Jobs for Physician Recruitment

Job boards are a part of nearly every physician recruiter’s candidate sourcing strategy. Whether they’re the major boards like Careerbuilder, healthcare boards like HealtheCareers, or niche boards for certain specialties, recruiters will use them in some capacity for most searches. But is there a way to make job postings more effective?

5Apr, 2017

How to Engage Passive Physician Candidates [infographic]




Of all prospective physician candidates, over two-thirds are passive job seekers. These physicians are often satisfied in their current positions and are unlikely to come across physician recruitment advertisements that their active job seeker colleagues come across on a daily basis. With so many physicians not actively seeking a new position or heading to job boards, recruiters are often left wondering how to reach this untapped pool of candidates.