In the constant battle to recruit and retain the highest quality physicians, physician recruiters are always on the lookout to find tools and strategies that can help them meet their physician recruitment goals. Recently, some recruiters have begun using cultural fit as a tool to find physicians who would both thrive in their organizations and be more likely to stay on long term. But how important is cultural fit in physician recruitment? And how do recruiters assess it during the physician recruitment process?


Below are a few facts regarding the importance recruiters are now placing on cultural fit, the effects of it on recruitment and retention, and ways you can begin to factor in screening for cultural fit into your recruitment process.




Key Take Aways:

  • Pursuing physician candidates that fit in with your organization’s culture increases the likelihood that they will take your job and stay long term
  • Many organizations don’t have a defined culture, but having one can help recruit candidates who are a better fit
  • Behavioral interviewing, personality assessments, and understanding what makes your star physicians such a fantastic part of your team can help recruiters analyze whether potential candidates are a cultural fit for their organization