While many groups, hospitals, and health systems have started bringing their physician recruitment services in-house, many still work with physician recruitment firms – especially on difficult searches. With overwhelmed in-house recruiters dealing with more searches every year as their recruitment budgets shrink, working with physician recruitment firms becomes a necessity in order to make sure that a practice is staffed with enough providers.

But is that the only reason in-house physician recruiters work with recruitment firms? And why do they choose certain types of firms to work with? Below is an infographic showing the perks of working with physician recruitment firms and how to get the most out of the relationship.



“When done right, working with a firm gives you access to more – and better quality – candidates.” Tweet:


“Different Types of Firms = Different Levels of Service” Tweet:

Key Take Aways:

  • Choose which type of recruitment firm you use carefully
  • Know that the recruitment firm is your partner, not your competition
  • Keep lines of communication with your firm open to ensure a steady stream of high quality candidates