With the state of healthcare recruitement today, it is easy for in-house recruiters and administrators to become frustrated. You’ve seemingly tried everything to find the right candidate, but somehow none of the candidates you’ve managed to source have been a fit. Depending on your circumstances, it might be time to hire a physician recruitment firm. Here are some signs that your physician recruitment assignment might benefit from the use of a third party firm:


1. You are recruiting for a difficult specialty

It used to be that a difficult specialty to recruit for was one with a small pool of potential candidates, but with the pressures of the physician shortage affecting even large specialties such as Family Medicine, recruiting for specialties like Oncology and Primary Care has become increasingly difficult. Check the latest data for specialties in high demand to see if your organization might need additional help.


2. You don’t have an in-house recruitment team

Not every group or practice has a team of recruiters in-house to handle any new needs that may pop up. If this is the case, the recruitment responsibilities may fall to a current physician or administrator who does not have the time or the resources to proactively source and interview all possible candidates. In this case, it is important to work with a third party firm to make sure that no candidates slip through the cracks and relieve some of the pressure from current employees. 


3. You are pressed for time

One of the most difficult situations for a recruiter is when a physican decides to leave with minimal notice. The time crunch created by this situation means that a new physician needs to be sourced, signed, and on boarded before the departing physician leaves, lest revenue be lost and patients not cared for. When time is of the essence, it becomes important to use all of the resources at your disposal–including a search firm. By partnering with a firm that has extensive resources and understands your needs, a new physician can often be found and hired in a short amount of time.  


4. Your candidate requirements are very specific

If the position you are hiring for is part of a diversity initiative, requires specific language fluency, or requires a specific set of skills, it might behoove you to work with a physician recruitment firm.  Firms have the manpower to screen out any candidates that don’t meet your specific requirements and can dedicate plenty of man hours to sourcing candidates that meet your specifications from a wide range of sources.


5. You are recruiting for a difficult location

 With competition for top talent at an all time high, recruiting qualified physicians for rural and otherwise difficult locations can be quite the challenge. With fewer and fewer physicians choosing to practice in rural locations, it is important for employers in these communities to utilize all the resources at their disposal. Many firms have years of experience in recruiting for difficult locations, and some even specialize in certain geographic areas.  Because of this, they tend to have access to specific resources that employers may not even be aware of, and can dedicate numerous man hours to reaching out to any physician that may have ties to the area.


If your organization does chose to work with a third party search firm in their physician staffing and recruitment endeavors, it is important that the firm chosen is the right fit. Whether chosing a firm with geographic or specialty expertise, or simply a firm that has the necessary resources, employers need to make sure that the firm they chose is one that fits their needs.