Today, over 73% of Americans have a social media profile. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why so many health care organizations have begun utilizing various social media in physician recruitment as a way to source and engage potential candidates. But while many recruiters are familiar with using Linkedin for recruitment, far fewer have been able to effectively utilize twitter to recruit health care professionals.


Why does twitter continue to be one platform that many physician recruiters find themselves failing to capitalize on in the war for talent? One answer may be that many recruiters are unaware of what to post and how to engage with users on twitter in a meaningful way. To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of five things recruiters should be tweeting about on a regular basis.


1. Educational Information

In order for Twitter to be used as an effective recruitment tool, a recruiter must first have followers that are part of his or her target audience. To grow your follower base, think about your candidates, industry colleagues and peers, and make your tweets interesting or useful to them. This could include things such as information on compensation, industry updates and news, interesting studies, and tips on looking for a new physician opportunity. 


2. Content About Company Culture

Candidates don’t just want to join a company – they want to join a team. Show off your company culture by sharing photos of company events, engaging with current employees, and highlighting your star players. Additionally,  recruiters want to make sure that candidates fit in with the organization’s culture and believe in its vision. By sharing content about the organization’s culture and current employees on twitter, you can attract and engage with prospective candidates with whom those messages resonate.



3. Articles About Your Organization’s Advancements

Top tier candidates don’t just want to work for any organization – they want to work for organizations that are using the newest technologies and making advancements in the practice of medicine. When your organization makes one of these advancements or implements the use of new equipment or technologies, make sure to share it and showcase that your organization is on the cutting edge. 



4. Community Information and Events

When candidates pick a new practice opportunity, they are picking the community it exists in just as much as the practice itself. To help attract and engage with candidates who may be considering a move to your area, make sure to tweet about local events, festivals, and new amenities that make your community seem even more appealing to prospective candidates.


5. Job Opportunities

Usually the first thing that comes to a physician recruiter’s mind when someone brings up using twitter as part of a recruitment strategy is that it is a platform on which to broadcast your organization’s opportunities. While true, job postings and other content specifically about your organization should comprise the smallest portion of your tweets – at most 20% of the total. 



When done correctly, twitter can be a key way to source and engage potential candidates for your organization. My creating useful, engaging content and interacting on the platform in a meaningful way, recruiters can leverage twitter as part of their overall candidate sourcing strategy to recruit their next team member.