So  you’ve found a candidate that you think would be an excellent addition to your team. They’ve had phone and/or skype interviews with all the decision makers and you’ve invited them to come for a candidate site visit. At this point, the candidate has entered the red zone and what you do from here on out can cause the candidate to either join your team enthusiastically or run for the hills. To make sure their visit has them seeing your practice in a positive light, follow these 5 tips:


1. Woo the Family


Making the candidate’s spouse and/or children feel like they are just as important to your practice as the candidate is essential to making sure the candidate feels that joining your practice is the right choice. By making them feel at ease in your community and with your practice, the candidate’s family can be your practice’s biggest advocate. Some ways to make the family a priority include:


  • If the spouse is from a different city or state, having another employee from the same area meet with them can make them feel more comfortable
  • If the candidate has children, have the children of another employee show them around and be sociable
  • Set up the candidate with professional baby sitting services if they want to tour the facilities or go to dinner without the children
  • Offer to set up the spouse with employment agencies to help them find a new opportunity in the area
  • Organize social time around the activities the family has stated an interest in




2. Roll Out the Red Carpet


Employers need to make sure that candidates feel comfortable and valued to bring on their ideal team member. Whether it’s making sure they stay at the nicest hotel in town, wining and dining them at a top notch restaurant, or having a welcome banner up at the practice when they tour the facilities, making the candidate fee like a star can go a long way in making sure that they decide to join your team.


3. Highlight the Community


When it comes to relocating for a position, the community is just as important as the practice opportunity. Employers need to make sure that their community is shown in the best possible light and can meet the candidate’s – and their family’s – needs. Making sure to set them up with a certified Relocation Specialist during their visit can help the candidate see that the community is a perfect fit for their family. Some things to consider include:


  • Make sure a realtor gives the family a tour of the different neighborhoods and shows them properties for rent and for sale that would meet their needs
  • Provide the family with a list of the public and private schools in the area and any information they may need regarding resources for children with special needs, schools with advanced placement and gifted programs, a nearby colleges and universities
  • Find out what activities the spouse and/or children enjoy and have them tour those local facilities or provide them with program information
  • Provide religious families with information on local places of worship


4. Pay Attention to the Details


Making sure candidates and their families feel welcome and comfortable is crucial to a successful candidate site visit. Small but special ways to put them at ease can range from a customized gift basket, toys for their children, local and handcrafted products, loaning them a camera, to even having the addresses for points of interest pre-programmed into the rental car’s GPS.


5. Close the Deal


Perhaps the most important tip is making sure to have a Letter of Intent/Term Sheet ready and waiting for the end of the visit. At some point during the process, you will have discussed the candidate’s expectations and should have a general idea about what it would take to bring them on board. By having this waiting for them at the end of an excellent site visit, you make it clear that you want them to join your team and you can get an idea of their interest level. If you wait until after the candidate has gone home to present them with terms, the positive memories of their visit will have already begun to fade. 


Following these five tips can help your organization stand out from the others in a candidate’s mind. By making sure that the visit goes smoothly and addresses all of a candidate’s questions and concerns, you’ll have made a positive and important step towards bringing on your next hire.