11Nov, 2020

Salary Negotiation Tips and Strategies for Job Seekers

For job seekers, 2020 has been difficult. Even so, as the businesses reopen, and the country begins its economic recovery, more job seekers are finding open positions and scheduling interviews. Along with interviews, come salary negotiations and job offers. Salary negotiations can be tricky, but Ascendo Resources can help. 

Here are some tips and strategies for […]

20Sep, 2020

Navigating the Job Market During a Pandemic

Navigating the job market in 2020 has been challenging, but as companies return to normal, lift hiring freezes, and begin interviewing for open positions. Preparing for interviews and assessments means planning and having your answers ready.

The recruiting professionals at Ascendo Resources are always prepared to assist you in the ever-changing job market with the latest […]

12Aug, 2020

Interview Tips: How to Answer the “What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses” Question

As businesses return to normal following the COVID-19 outbreak, companies are starting to interview job candidates for positions which were put on hold due to the pandemic. For those of you preparing for upcoming interviews, while you have all your answers ready, you may be dreading the common interview question, “What are your strengths and […]

9Jul, 2020

COVID-19 Era: The Importance of Having a Flexible Staffing Strategy

The COVID-19 outbreak has created not only a healthcare crisis, but also an economic crisis. Many companies have had to restructure the way they serve their customers with products and services. As businesses strategize to return to normal or, at least the new normal, refocusing efforts on the best ways to make your company the […]

17Jun, 2020

How We Prepare Our Candidates for a Legal Job Interview

At Ascendo Resources, our award-winning team of industry experts know exactly how to prepare our candidates for successful legal job interviews. Whether our candidates are seasoned professionals or just starting out, strong interview skills and preparation can take the stress and worry out of the process and get them well on their way to make […]

3Jun, 2020

Back to Business After COVID-19 – 6 Things You Need to Consider

CEOs planning to reintegrate back to regular business need a plan that maintains safety, manages resources, and rebuilds morale. If mishandled, reintroduction back into office life can be catastrophic. Return to work programs are essential for businesses to have a fruitful return. For many, the toughest leadership test is now looming: how to bring a […]

19Feb, 2020

How to Overcome Nursing Shortages & Hire Travel RNs for Your Facility

With a registered nurse shortage across the country, an increasing number of hospitals and medical facilities are turning to a cost-saving solution to fill nursing vacancies: traveling RNs. Hiring traveling nurses is a win-win for short-staffed hospitals with several notable benefits that go beyond cost.

At Ascendo Resources, we leverage our extensive market knowledge, wide network, […]

15Dec, 2019

10 Ways We Prepare Our Candidates for a Successful Job Interview

As part of a top notch recruiting firm, you know that often even the best candidates for open positions can use helpful interview tips. Which means, part of our job is ensuring our best candidates are formally prepared for their interview and as a result get a fair assessment when compared to other candidates applying […]

25Nov, 2019

18 Non-Generic Tech Interview Questions to Ask When Interviewing for IT Positions

Whether you’re interviewing or dating, you can’t get to know someone with generic, boring questions. Why? Generic questions warrant generic answers and you can easily get those by reading your candidate’s resumes and cover letters. Once you’ve asked the preliminary questions about IT certifications and skillsets, here’s some non-generic IT/tech interview questions (conversation starters) to […]

29Jun, 2018

Pride at Work

At Ascendo Resources, we foster an inclusive workplace where each employee is valued as an individual and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
We’re actively building a diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion that leverages the strengths of all of our employees. From new hire orientation to management and leadership, we focus on […]