19Feb, 2020

How to Overcome Nursing Shortages & Hire Travel RNs for Your Facility

With a registered nurse shortage across the country, an increasing number of hospitals and medical facilities are turning to a cost-saving solution to fill nursing vacancies: traveling RNs. Hiring traveling nurses is a win-win for short-staffed hospitals with several notable benefits that go beyond cost.

At Ascendo Resources, we leverage our extensive market knowledge, wide network, […]

15Dec, 2019

10 Ways We Prepare Our Candidates for a Successful Job Interview

As part of a top notch recruiting firm, you know that often even the best candidates for open positions can use helpful interview tips. Which means, part of our job is ensuring our best candidates are formally prepared for their interview and as a result get a fair assessment when compared to other candidates applying […]

25Nov, 2019

18 Non-Generic Tech Interview Questions to Ask When Interviewing for IT Positions

Whether you’re interviewing or dating, you can’t get to know someone with generic, boring questions. Why? Generic questions warrant generic answers and you can easily get those by reading your candidate’s resumes and cover letters. Once you’ve asked the preliminary questions about IT certifications and skillsets, here’s some non-generic IT/tech interview questions (conversation starters) to […]

29Jun, 2018

Pride at Work

At Ascendo Resources, we foster an inclusive workplace where each employee is valued as an individual and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
We’re actively building a diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion that leverages the strengths of all of our employees. From new hire orientation to management and leadership, we focus on […]

2Mar, 2018

Atlanta March Newsletter

Senior Accountant with great stability and glowing references available immediately and open to contract!

2Feb, 2018

Atlanta February Newsletter

CPA with extensive SEC reporting experience available immediately and open to contract work!

28Sep, 2017

6 Mistakes Physician Recruiters Make in Job Board Postings


One of the most popular candidate sourcing tools physician recruiters use are online job boards. With most active candidates taking their search online, job boards offer increased exposure for a recruiter’s open positions. Unfortunately, the competition for talent searching for opportunities online is fierce, and it’s easy for your position to get lost in the hundreds of opportunities on any given job board.

13Sep, 2017

5 Tips for Physicians Pursuing Financial Health

Whether you’re just completing your training or you have a few years of practice under your belt, it’s important for all physicians to take steps towards securing their financial future. Even though physicians make significantly higher salaries than the majority of Americans, a physician’s financial health can face unique challenges, ranging from crushing student loan debt to complex employment contracts.

7Sep, 2017

5 Tips for Jumpstarting Fall Physician Recruitment Efforts


The fall is a busy time for physician recruiters. With many healthcare organizations finalizing their budgets for the following year and even more physicians seeking out new opportunities, fall physician recruitment efforts can make or break a healthcare organization’s ability to meet their recruitment goals.


30Aug, 2017

5 Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation for Physician Recruitment Success [Infographic]

Online reviews have become a part of how most individuals make decisions: where to eat, what to watch, and what hotels to stay in. Now, it’s also influencing where physician candidates choose to practice. 
More employees and patients are leaving reviews about healthcare organizations than ever before, but many hospitals and health systems fail to do anything to help them maintain their online reputations. In the long run, this can end up costing them prospective physician candidates and sabotaging their organization’s physician recruitment efforts.