15Dec, 2019

10 Ways We Prepare Our Candidates for a Successful Job Interview

As part of a top notch recruiting firm, you know that often even the best candidates for open positions can use helpful interview tips. Which means, part of our job is ensuring our best candidates […]

25Nov, 2019

18 Non-Generic Tech Interview Questions to Ask When Interviewing for IT Positions

Whether you’re interviewing or dating, you can’t get to know someone with generic, boring questions. Why? Generic questions warrant generic answers and you can easily get those by reading your candidate’s resumes and cover letters. […]

21Oct, 2019

Ascendo’s Managing Partner, Gustavo Peña gets a full page Executive Profile on the South Florida Business

“Whatever you put your mind to, be the best at it”… Peña attributes his success to his dad’s advice.
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30Aug, 2019

Ascendo Makes the SFBJ’s Top 25 Hispanic-Owned Businesses List for a Second Year in a Row!

We ranked #22 among other leading companies in South Florida – based on our 2018 Revenue.

5Jul, 2019

Ascendo makes the SFBJ’s Top 100 Private Companies List for the 4th time in the last 5 years. What an accomplishment!

We ranked #64 out of 100 companies in South Florida based on their 2018 revenue.

26Apr, 2019

For the 4th consecutive year, Ascendo has been named one of the Top 25 Executive Search Firms in South Florida by the SFBJ!

This year we ranked #14 based on the 2018 Executive Placements made by companies in South Florida.

15Feb, 2019

Ascendo makes the SFBJ’s Top Temporary Personnel & Staffing Agencies list for the 3rd year in a row!

We ranked #9 on the list based on the 2018 billings of all participating companies in South Florida.

8Oct, 2018

How to Complete Operational Projects after M&A with Limited Outside Spend

Article written by Ascendo Resources and published by the South Florida Business Journal – First article of a four-part series…

21Sep, 2018

Ascendo is the #1 Hispanic-Owned Recruiting Firm in South Florida!

We were the only ones in our industry who made the 2018 SFBJ List of Top Hispanic-Owned Business. Click here to see how we ranked.

28Aug, 2018

Ascendo Resources makes SFBW’s 2018 List of Hispanic-Owned Businesses!

This diverse group of businesses encompass South Florida Business & Wealth’s inaugural list honoring Latino-owned or led companies ranked by 2017 revenue.

6Aug, 2018

Ascendo Makes the INC 5000 List for the 6th Time! A truly amazing accomplishment!

Of the tens of thousands of companies that have applied to the Inc. 5000 over the years, only a fraction have made the list more than once and a mere 6% have made the list […]

10Jul, 2018

Ascendo Resources Relocates in Orlando

ORLANDO, Jul 3rd, 2018 – Ascendo Resources has a new location. From its new facility it will continue to place temporary and permanent candidates with a main focus on accounting, finance, IT and administrative professionals.…

6Jul, 2018

Ascendo Makes the South Florida Business Journal’s 2018 list of Top 100 Private Companies

We ranked #65 amongst the top companies in South Florida in the same category.

5Jul, 2018

Ascendo Resources Relocates in Houston

HOUSTON, Jun 1st, 2018 – Ascendo Resources has a new location. From its new facility it will continue to place temporary and permanent candidates with a main focus on accounting, finance, HR and Administrative professionals…

29Jun, 2018

Pride at Work

At Ascendo Resources, we foster an inclusive workplace where each employee is valued as an individual and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
We’re actively building a diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion […]

1Jun, 2018

Ascendo Resources once again makes the Good to Great Awards Finalist list within the 51-249 employee category

Presented by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

26Apr, 2018

We did it again! Ascendo makes the SFBJ 2018 Executive Search Firms list.

For the 4th year in a row, Ascendo Ranks #7 in South Florida.

12Apr, 2018

Forbes names Ascendo one of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms!

Firms were selected based on recommendations from placed candidates, HR managers and recruiters.

2Mar, 2018

Atlanta March Newsletter

Senior Accountant with great stability and glowing references available immediately and open to contract!

16Feb, 2018

Ascendo Resources once again makes the South Florida Business Journal’s list of Top Temporary Personnel & Staffing Agencies.

We ranked #7 for the second year in a row! We are extremely honored to have earned this recognition.

2Feb, 2018

Atlanta February Newsletter

CPA with extensive SEC reporting experience available immediately and open to contract work!

26Jan, 2018

South Florida Business Journal’s 2018 CFO Awards Nominees

Our Managing Partner & CFO, Eugene Holzer is one of the honored finalists!

17Nov, 2017

What do Hiring Managers Look for in Candidate Resumes?

Article by Ascendo Partner, Matt Deering for the South Florida Business Journal .

20Oct, 2017

Ascendo Resources Enters Health Care Field with Acquisition

Ascendo Resources, already one of South Florida’s fastest-growing companies, has expanded into the health care space by acquiring Coral Gables-based MDR Healthcare…

29Sep, 2017

Our Charlotte office makes the Charlotte Business Journal’s Largest Area Contingency Executive Search Firms List

Ascendo ranked #13 on the list! We couldn’t be more proud of our team. […]

28Sep, 2017

6 Mistakes Physician Recruiters Make in Job Board Postings


One of the most popular candidate sourcing tools physician recruiters use are online job boards. With most active candidates taking their search online, job boards offer increased exposure for a recruiter’s open positions. Unfortunately, the competition for talent searching for opportunities online is fierce, and it’s easy for your position to get lost in the hundreds of opportunities on any given job board.

13Sep, 2017

5 Tips for Physicians Pursuing Financial Health

Whether you’re just completing your training or you have a few years of practice under your belt, it’s important for all physicians to take steps towards securing their financial future. Even though physicians make significantly higher salaries than the majority of Americans, a physician’s financial health can face unique challenges, ranging from crushing student loan debt to complex employment contracts.

7Sep, 2017

5 Tips for Jumpstarting Fall Physician Recruitment Efforts


The fall is a busy time for physician recruiters. With many healthcare organizations finalizing their budgets for the following year and even more physicians seeking out new opportunities, fall physician recruitment efforts can make or break a healthcare organization’s ability to meet their recruitment goals.


30Aug, 2017

5 Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation for Physician Recruitment Success [Infographic]

Online reviews have become a part of how most individuals make decisions: where to eat, what to watch, and what hotels to stay in. Now, it’s also influencing where physician candidates choose to practice. 
More employees and patients are leaving reviews about healthcare organizations than ever before, but many hospitals and health systems fail to do anything to help them maintain their online reputations. In the long run, this can end up costing them prospective physician candidates and sabotaging their organization’s physician recruitment efforts. 

17Aug, 2017

Ascendo wins the SFBJ’s 2017 Fastest Growing Companies award!

With 57.2% growth, we ranked 20th in the over $25 Million annual revenue category. […]

16Aug, 2017

We did it again! For the 5th time in a row, Ascendo Resources has made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Companies in America.

Ascendo has earned the position of 3424 on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list. […]

15Aug, 2017

6 Tips for Helping Physician Recruitment Emails Avoid the SPAM Folder


For physician recruiters, getting a new opportunity in front of prospective physician candidates is becoming more difficult by the day. With candidates constantly inundated with recruitment calls, texts, and emails, the chances of getting through to these elusive candidates are smaller than ever before. But when it comes to email, it’s not just recruitment overload that is keeping candidates from seeing your efforts – email service providers might be preventing them from even reaching the inbox.


2Aug, 2017

6 Steps to Passing Reference Checks in Your Physician Job Search


If you’re in the middle of your physician job search, it is essentially guaranteed that any organization seeking to bring you on board will request three to five references before extending an offer. While it may not seem like it, how you handle these reference requests can make the difference between being offered your ideal position or not getting a position at all.


28Jul, 2017

6 Tips for Using SEO Tactics to Boost Physician Recruitment


Whether they’re using Google, Bing, or another search engine, physicians have come to rely on search engine results to find their next opportunity. Because of this, physician recruiters are discovering the need to improve their career pages’ and job posting’s SEO, increasing their chances of getting their position in front of prospective candidates. 


25Jul, 2017

The Six Expenses to Plan For in Your Physician Job Search

If you’re getting ready to start your physician job search, you’re probably concerned more with finding the right position than what doing so might cost. Believe it or not, applying, interviewing, and accepting a new position can be quite expensive, especially for physicians. Because of this, it’s important for physician job seekers to budget for all the likely and possible expenses that can crop up during their job search.

21Jul, 2017

Job Boards:Tips on Timing,SEO & Google Jobs for Physician Recruitment

Job boards are a part of nearly every physician recruiter’s candidate sourcing strategy. Whether they’re the major boards like Careerbuilder, healthcare boards like HealtheCareers, or niche boards for certain specialties, recruiters will use them in some capacity for most searches. But is there a way to make job postings more effective?

13Jul, 2017

6 Things to Look for in a Travel Nursing Agency

In travel nursing, one of the biggest factors that affects your job satisfaction is the quality of the staffing agency you utilize. Some agencies will make your work as a traveler more difficult than it needs to be, while others can make even the worst assignment seem like a dream. But if you’re just starting out as a travel nurse, chances are you don’t know quite what to look for in an agency. […]

12Jul, 2017

5 Tips for Recruiting Passive Physician Candidates

When it comes to sourcing physician candidates, most recruiters will agree on one thing: it’s not getting any easier. With the number of available physicians not keeping pace with the increased need for providers, physician recruiters are finding themselves competing for the same limited pool of active candidates. So what is a recruiter to do? Find a way to source and recruit the passive candidates that other organizations aren’t targeting.

7Jul, 2017

Ascendo makes the SFBJ list of Top 100 Private Companies

Coming in at #91 on the list, makes our Executive Search firm one of the top in South Florida. […]

29Jun, 2017

We are happy to announce that Ascendo Resources has obtained the State of Florida Minority Business Certification

Issued by the Office of Supplier Diversity – Florida Department of Management Services.

27Jun, 2017

The 4 Biggest Signs of a Bad Physician Recruiter

Most people don’t have the best impression Physician Recruiters. Just like in every other role, there are some recruiters who go above and beyond for their candidates and clients, while others are more apt to break the rules and let things slide. However, if you’re looking for your next opportunity, you’d be well served to avoid working with a bad recruiter.


23Jun, 2017

Ascendo’s Managing Partner, Gustavo Peña gets a full page Executive Profile on the South Florida Business

“Whatever you put your mind to, be the best at it”… Peña attributes his success to his dad’s advice.

22Jun, 2017

Travel Nurse Interviews: What to Expect

So you’ve beefed up your resume, spoke to your travel nurse recruiter about a few positions, and now you’ve reached the interview stage. While many aspects of the initial travel nurse interview with the organization will be similar to what you’d expect for a permanent position, there are a few differences. 

19Jun, 2017

3 Things to Consider When Using Direct Mail for Physician Recruitment



In the never ending effort to source and recruit the best physician candidates, recruiters are constantly looking for the next new tool. But sometimes, when it comes to sourcing physician candidates, the old sourcing methods can deliver great results. One such tool that should be part of your physician recruitment strategy is direct mail. While many have decried it’s demise, direct mail is still going strong and generating results for recruitment programs across the country.


16Jun, 2017

The South Florida Business Journal interviews our Managing Partner, Gustavo Pena on Philanthropy at their CEO Roundtable

At Coral Gables-based skilled staffing and consulting firm Ascendo Resources, the company selects a “champion” to lead the charitable endeavor on their own, then talks with division leaders about the charities that would ultimately make […]

13Jun, 2017

6 Things Graduating Physicians Need to Do When Starting Their Job Search

If you’re a graduating physician entering your final years of training, the time is here for you to switch into physician job search mode. In order to get the best position available, many graduating physicians start their job search a year before completing training and will make a decision before the end of their final year. But between training, studying for board exams, and conducting a thorough job search, these final years of residency or fellowship can be overwhelming, causing some candidates to forget to do some of the things that will make their job search easier.

7Jun, 2017

Our Managing Partner, Gustavo Peña was featured in a South Florida Business Journal article on the highest earning professionals in South Florida

Peña’s firm specializes in finance, accounting, IT and HR placements. Some of those jobs were among the highest-paid in South Florida in 2016, according to ACBJ data.

6Jun, 2017

4 Things Physicians Should Know Before Joining a Concierge Medicine Practice

With declining insurance reimbursements, increased paperwork, and an overwhelming number of rules associated with being part of an ACO, many physicians – especially those in primary care – are considering the switch over to concierge medicine, also known as direct care. This model of practice has become increasingly appealing to physicians throughout the country, with a 30% annual increase in the number of physicians practicing direct care.  […]

30May, 2017

Joining an Independent Practice Association: 5 Things to Know

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, physicians are branching out into new practice models that fit their unique needs and preferences. One of the practice models growing in popularity is the Independent Practice Association, or IPA. So what is an IPA, and how does it differ from other established practice models? […]

26May, 2017

5 Reasons to Optimize your Physician Recruitment Process for Mobile


In today’s physician recruitment landscape, having a robust mobile recruitment strategy is becoming a requirement. Now more than ever, candidates are moving their job search from the desktop to their smart phones and tablets as they rely on these devices on a day to day basis. While few can argue that mobile devices have become an integral part of nearly every American’s life, few healthcare organizations have thought about what failing to be mobile friendly can do to their recruitment prospects.


19May, 2017

The Single Biggest Mistake In-House Physician Recruiters Make

An in-house physician recruiter’s job is never done. Whether it’s responding to applicants, conducting site visits, coordinating interviews, or planning travel, the vast majority of physician recruiters at healthcare organizations often find themselves overwhelmed. With so much to do and with so few resources available, many recruiters – especially those in rural areas or in organizations with a large volume of needs – commit the biggest physician recruitment mistake.

17May, 2017

7 Housing Search Tips for Travel Nurses

So  you’ve taken on your first (or fiftieth) travel nursing assignment and it’s time to lock down housing. Depending on the location and whether or not you decide to take the agency provided housing, this part of the process can result in headaches for many nurses. Whether it’s difficulty finding a short-term lease, figuring out what your best options are, or making sure you’ll be safe and comfortable in your temporary home, travel nurses have a lot to deal with when it comes to figuring out their housing. […]

12May, 2017

In-Person Interview Tips for Physicians, Nurses, and PAs

If the phone interview and/or skype interview went well, then it’s time for the next step in your healthcare job search: the site visit. Are you ready to ace your in-person interviews? Yes, this is a chance for you to check out the practice and make sure you’re going to like working here, but don’t forget: the administrative team is also trying to make sure they want to work with you.

11May, 2017

5 Reasons to Partner with a Boutique Physician Recruitment Firm

When a healthcare organization is looking to partner with a recruitment firm, their first instinct is often to go with one of the large, big name agencies. Working on the belief that a larger agency means more manpower and a bigger talent pool, these organizations assume that going with a larger firm is the best way to get quick results. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

5May, 2017

Notes from a Recruiter: 8 Traits of In-Demand Travel Nurse Candidates

There are some traits that can make certain candidates stand out from the rest, and travel nursing is no exception. Whether is hard skills or personality traits, there are certain traits in a travel nurse that make them stand out to recruiters and put them ahead of other candidates.

3May, 2017

How To Assess Cultural Fit in Your Healthcare Job Search

“Cultural fit” seems to be a buzzword in our current climate when organizations talk about finding the right candidate for the position. While it seems like the health care organizations are the only ones who should be concerned with cultural fit, healthcare providers should be as well. Finding the right position means more than just finding one offering the right compensation package – you also need to find the place you can see yourself being happy for the long term. […]

2May, 2017

The Importance of Online Reviews in Physician Recruitment

In our current society, online reviews and ratings play a huge role in what we watch, where we eat, and what hotels we stay in on vacation. But we don’t just use online reviews for the social aspects of our lives, we use them in our professional lives as well. This is especially true when it comes to a candidate’s job search. With so many organizations looking to recruit top quality physicians, the best physician candidates have plenty of options to choose from when picking their next opportunity.

28Apr, 2017

Our South Florida team makes the Top Executive Search Firms list on the 2017 SFBJ

Ascendo has made the list several years in a row and this year we earned the #8 spot. […]

25Apr, 2017

5 Things to Look for When Hiring Graduating Physician Candidates

While a recent HealtheCareers report showed that the majority of healthcare organizations are targeting experienced physicians when looking to recruit new team members,  graduating physician candidates still play a significant role in most physician recruiters’ overall physician recruitment strategy. Nearly half of organizations are targeting recent graduates for at least some positions in order to create the best team of providers possible. But when it comes to recruiting graduating physicians, some recruiters aren’t sure what to look for in a candidate other than good training. […]

21Apr, 2017

Easy Phone Interview Tips for Physician Candidates

Congratulations on making it to the phone interview stage! We know the interview process can be stressul, so here are a few tips to help make sure you make a great first impression on that dreaded phone interview:

19Apr, 2017

5 Things to Know About Licenses in Travel Nursing

If you’re just getting started with travel  nursing, chances are that you have plenty of questions regarding logistics. One of the most confusing aspects can often involve licensing and figuring out how to gain the ability to practice in your desired states. Navigating the various requirements each state has can get overwhelming, but there are a few key things you need to know when getting started. […]

18Apr, 2017

Texting Physician Candidates: The When, Why, and How


The average physician candidate receives dozens of emails and voicemails from physician recruiters on a daily basis, especially those in high-demand specialties. Because of this, recruiters are often looking for new ways to reach candidates and cut through the noise caused by the competition. One way to increase the chances of a prospective physician candidate seeing your messages is by utilizing text messages (also known as SMS messages).



12Apr, 2017

5 Signs You Should Try Travel Nursing

Many nurses focus on finding permanent, full-time positions once they complete their training and any time they’re looking for new opportunities. These nurses often feel that this is the logical next step, providing them with the security and stability they need. Sometimes, however, a nurse will need a change. Whether it’s a sense of wanderlust, boredom with your current position, or financial pressures, many nurses will at some point look to travel nursing as a possibility.  […]

5Apr, 2017

How to Engage Passive Physician Candidates [infographic]




Of all prospective physician candidates, over two-thirds are passive job seekers. These physicians are often satisfied in their current positions and are unlikely to come across physician recruitment advertisements that their active job seeker colleagues come across on a daily basis. With so many physicians not actively seeking a new position or heading to job boards, recruiters are often left wondering how to reach this untapped pool of candidates.

30Mar, 2017

6 Skype Interview Tips for Physician Candidates

As health care organizations try to decrease their recruiting costs, more are turning to skype interviews to help them screen out candidates before inviting them in for a site visit. Now, how well you do on your skype interview can mean the difference between moving forward with the interview process or having to start over from square one.  […]

29Mar, 2017

3 Physician Recruitment Trade-Off’s You’ll Encounter Every Time

Whenever you find yourself needing to hire a new physician, you’ll often feel a combination of excitement at the prospect of bringing on a new team member paired with the dread of knowing that it won’t be easy. With the physician shortage in full swing, even highly desirable employers in popular locations are finding it difficult to find that elusive “perfect candidate.” Because of constraints that nearly every recruitment effort needs to deal with, you’ll likely find that there are some things you will need to sacrifice during a physician recruitment effort to source and hire the right candidate. […]

22Mar, 2017

5 Reasons Physician Candidates Aren’t Responding to Your Cold Emails



Email is one of the most popular ways for physician recruiters to communicate with prospective candidates. Most candidates prefer hearing about opportunities through what they find in their inbox, and some strictly communicate with recruiters using email. But with physician recruitment emails becoming so popular among both recruiters and candidates, organizations are finding it harder to get the attention of prospective candidates. With so many options, these physicians will often fail to respond to a recruitment email, if they even open your email at all. […]

20Mar, 2017

Ascendo Partner, Matthew Deering published an article on the South Florida Business Journal

Why you should not accept your current employer’s counter offer.
With the professional job market more competitive in 2017, companies are scrambling to keep their top talent. Unfortunately, many companies wait until it’s too late to […]

16Mar, 2017

Answering the Tough Questions in your Healthcare Job Search

Whether it’s due to relocation, family leave, or downsizing, many physicians and other healthcare providers will find themselves with gaps somewhere in their employment history. When starting a new healthcare job search, these gaps are sure to come up during the interview process. So how are candidates supposed to explain their gaps in order to not ruin their chances at the position? Below are some examples of how to explain various types of gaps in permanent employment and how to best frame them in order to not derail your job search.

15Mar, 2017

7 Keys to Success in Physician Recruitment

When recruiting physicians to y our organization, there are several things that need to be done in order to increase your chances of success. Especially as competition for qualified candidates begins to grow, it is more important than ever for recruiters to recognize these factors and begin to implement them in their physician recruitment strategies. […]

8Mar, 2017

Why Recruiters Need to Pre-Close Candidates in Physician Recruitment

It’s always exciting when a physician recruiter has a plethora of candidates who are interested in their position. More options means a a better chance of hiring the perfect candidate, right? Not necessarily. Just because a recruiter has multiple individuals interested in a position doesn’t mean they’re the right fit. It also doesn’t mean they’d take the position if offered. Because of this, recruiters need to find ways to focus on candidates who are not only a good fit, but who have a high likelihood of accepting an offer if they are made one.

7Mar, 2017

Top Tips for Writing Your Physician CV

The Curriculum Vitae, or the Physician CV as it is more commonly known, is the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and dedication. It represents all your knowledge, accomplishments, and experience, and when written well your CV can mean the difference between landing the position of your dreams and being stuck somewhere for longer than you planned. Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned physician, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when drafting or updating your CV. Below we have provided the top tips of the trade for making sure your physician CV stands out amongst the crowd. […]

2Mar, 2017

4 Reasons Candidates Become Unresponsive in Physician Recruitment

Every physician recruiter has encountered this problem: a previously engaged candidate suddenly goes silent and becomes unreachable. Recruiters are often left wondering what went wrong and why the candidate seemed to lose interest. But when a candidate becomes unresponsive, it is often due to one of four reasons. Some of these reasons are out of a recruiter’s control, but most can be traced back to missteps made by the hiring organization.

21Feb, 2017

4 Things to Know About Recruiting Foreign Medical Graduates [infographic]


19Feb, 2017

Ascendo makes the South Florida Business Journal’s 2017 List for Best Places to Work.

We are a wolfpack that works hard and plays hard!

17Feb, 2017

We did it again! Ascendo ranks #7 on the list of Top Temporary Personnel & Staffing Agencies in South Florida.

This is proof of our consistent growth in the industry.

14Feb, 2017

5 Physician Recruitment Statistics You Need to Watch in 2017

The new year is well under way, and physician recruiters are finding themselves deep in the search for the perfect candidates to fill their recruitment needs. As much as recruiting high quality physicians last year was difficult, recently released surveys and statistics are showing that the physician recruitment field is only going to get more competitive.

10Feb, 2017

Success Story: Recruiting an Experienced Neurologist in Virginia

Keeping with our long-standing commitment to provide top quality physicians to our partners, MDR HealthCare Search recently placed a Neurologist with an impressive background. This physician brought with him more than knowledge but an entrepreneurial spirit, which he dedicates to his patients on a daily basis. He proved to us that he had the ability to analyze areas that needed growth and implement procedures that would simplify the medical coding process.


6Feb, 2017

Top 10 Screening Questions You Need to Ask Physician Candidates


The initial phone screening of physician candidates, while one of the first steps, is also one of the most important steps in recruiting the right physician to join an organization. When done right, a good initial phone screening can give a physician recruiter insight to a candidate’s personality, professional interests, motivations, and level of interest in their opportunity, essentially laying the groundwork for how the physician recruitment process will proceed.


30Jan, 2017

6 Differences Between Recruiting Physicians & Advanced Practice Providers

Most practices and hospitals struggle to recruit both physicians and advanced practice providers. As the demand for high-level, qualified candidates increases, the competition for physicians, NPs, and PAs has increased as well. But while recruiting all three types of providers has become difficult, the challenges recruiters face when recruiting each type of provider is unique. To make matters more complicated, the way recruiters source and pursue these candidates need to be different, due to the differences between how, when, and where each type of provider engages in their job search.

23Jan, 2017

The Best Months for Physician Recruitment [infographic]

When you spend years in the physician recruitment sphere, you start to notice changes in candidate flow based on the time of year. Due to the timelines physician candidates have because of training completion, familial obligations, and employment contracts, certain times of the year will yield a higher number of prospective candidates than others. But what are the best months? And why are some months better than others? […]

16Jan, 2017

5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Physician Recruitment Efforts in 2017

Whether it’s by utilizing technology, analyzing your past efforts, or tweaking existing marketing strategies, there is always some way to improve your ability to source, recruit, and retain the best quality candidates. Now, it’s a new year and it’s time to find out how you can improve your physician recruitment efforts for 2017, especially if you want to meet your recruitment goals. 

20Dec, 2016

How to Use Your Past Open Positions for Sourcing Physician Candidates

When a new position opens up in your organizations, many recruiters begin the process of sourcing physician candidates by starting from scratch. They’ll utilize email, job boards, and direct mail to source candidates for each new position, but many times they already have the perfect candidate hidden in their internal database. Especially in larger organizations, new positions will open  up in the same specialty at different practices regularly, and just because a candidate wasn’t the right fit for one practice opportunity doesn’t mean they would be a perfect fit for your current opening. […]

1Dec, 2016

6 Reasons The Holidays Are A Great Time For Physician Recruitment

Most physician recruitment departments start to slow down as the holidays approach, bu this is a lost opportunity. The holiday season is a great time for physician recruitment as many candidates begin to jump start their job searches, become more open to new opportunities, and start to wish for the opportunity to relocate to a different area. Add that to the “new year, new job” mindset that others have, and you have a high chance of finding the right candidate to join your team, just in time for the new year. […]

23Nov, 2016

The Effect of Urgent Care in the Healthcare Recruitment Landscape

Urgent Care centers are opening and growing rapidly throughout the country. With the large influx of newly insured patients and the desire for convenience, Urgent Care centers are becoming ever more popular. While this is good news for patients who can’t take time off of work to visit their primary care provider, it means trouble ahead for healthcare recruiters across the country.

16Nov, 2016

6 Ways to Embrace Mobile in Physician Recruitment

Physicians today are constantly on the go, with little time left to sit at a computer and apply for positions, even if they want a change. Luckily for recruiters, physicians are now more likely than ever to use their mobile devices to search for positions, apply for positions, and interview. As the use of mobile devices in physician’s job searches continues to rise, physician recruiters need to find ways to engage with them on the devices they use most often.

2Nov, 2016

Physician Recruitment Marketing: 7 Things You Need to Know

Recruiting a qualified physician requires more than just placing a generic job posting on a job board. With so many options for physicians to choose from on their job search, it has been left up to the physician recruiters to find a way to make their opportunities stand out from the crowd. In order to do this, many recruiters have begun to think like marketers and employ several traditional marketing tactics and tools in their hunt for prospective candidates. […]

19Oct, 2016

6 Mistakes You’re Making in Physician Recruitment Job Descriptions [infographic]

One of the most important aspects of your physician recruitment effort is the job description. Used in classifieds, job boards, email blasts, and journal advertisements, the job description is the first thing prospective candidates will see. What the job description says (or sometimes doesn’t say) can either cause the physician to express their interest or move on to the next posting.

11Oct, 2016

7 Ways Candidate Surveys Can Improve Your Physician Recruitment Process

Plenty of healthcare organizations use patient satisfaction surveys to help them improve patient care and delivery, but few organizations use it as part of their physician recruitment process. While some may not see the point in conducting these survey (especially to physicians who’ve decided not to join the organization), these surveys can actually provide recruiters and the organization as a whole with valuable insight into how to improve their physician recruitment process. […]

21Sep, 2016

Two Week Cliff:Delays in Physician Recruitment Are Costing You Candidates

Time kills all deals, and this is especially true in physician recruitment. When hundreds of health care organizations are battling over a limited pool of candidates, failing to have a sense of urgency in your recruitment process will cost you more candidates than you’d care to count. For some recruiters, a gap of several weeks seems like it would only affect your chances of filling an opening if the candidate were already well into the process. A report out of careerbuilder, however, tells a different story.

16Sep, 2016

Once again Ascendo Resources makes the Florida Fast 100 list which annually highlights the state’s fastest growing businesses.

7Sep, 2016

6 Fatal Physician Recruitment Flaws that Are Sabotaging Your Efforts

Running an effective physician recruitment program isn’t easy. For many organizations, there are sometimes dozens of individuals involved in the sourcing, interviewing, and hiring of candidates and plenty can get lost in the shuffle. And for smaller recruitment teams, filling a growing number of needs has become harder than ever as they try to source enough candidates and juggle the logistics involved in the process. All of this, while avoiding the biggest problems recruiters run into during the physician recruitment process.

1Sep, 2016

We are proud to announce that we have made South Florida Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for 2016.

CONGRATS to our hard working team!

31Aug, 2016

We were #1087 on The 2016 List of Fastest Growing Companies in The U.S.

For the 4th year in a row, Ascendo Resources made the INC 500/5000 list. Great team effort!! We look forward to continuing the growth…

26Aug, 2016

5 Reasons to Consider Physician Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The urgency felt by many healthcare organizations to fill their high volume of physician needs quickly is strong. With many organizations growing and/or losing portions of their providers each year, the need for highly qualified physicians is greater than it’s ever been. But with this increased need for talent comes challenges, from filling their positions quickly in a competitive market to reducing the cost per hire. In order to do this effectively, many organizations are turning to firms and outsourcing their recruitment efforts – either completely or in part.  […]

18Aug, 2016

Offline Marketing Strategies that Help Strengthen your Online Brand

Offline Marketing Strategies that Help Strengthen your Online Brand

Would it surprise you to know that your offline marketing efforts are every bit as important as your online efforts when it comes to supporting your online […]

9Aug, 2016

5 Steps to Creating a Physician Recruitment Offer That Closes the Deal [infographic]

The competition for qualified physicians right now is fierce, resulting in what appears to be a bidding war for candidates. This competitive environment means that many recruiters will find themselves losing candidates to the practice down the street, often after an offer has been extended. This leaves the understandably frustrated physician recruiter back at square one and will increase the amount of time that the organization will have to go without a physician. But can recruiters really do anything to keep physicians from declining their offers?

3Aug, 2016

What NOT to Say on a Resume

What NOT to Say on a Resume

In today’s highly competitive job market, having a stellar resume is more important than ever. You have to give your prospective employer a reason to consider you as a […]

20Jul, 2016

Ascendo Ranks #86 in Top 100 Private Companies

On July 8th, 2016, the South Florida Business Journal released their annual list of Top 100 Private Companies in South Florida. Ascendo Resources is proudly ranked #86 this year with a revenue of $26.5 million. […]

19Jul, 2016

7 Personal Touches on Candidate Site Visits That Can Close the Deal

When done the right way, candidate site visits can help close the deal and convince a candidate to join your organization over the competition. Some recruiters and organizations focus on putting up the candidate in upscale hotels and taking them to expensive dinners in order to help seal the deal. But what many of them know is that while wining and dining a candidate is great, it’s really the small touches that can push a candidate over the edge and onto your team. […]

11Jul, 2016

5 Big Mistakes You Make in a Physician Recruitment Direct Mail Campaign

Most physician recruiters know that the competition or active physician candidates is enormous. Within minutes of posting their CV online, physicians will find themselves on the receiving end of dozens of emails and phone calls from recruiters eager to speak with them about their opportunity. This intense competition can make it difficult for recruiters to stand out from the crowd in order to truly engage with a candidate. Because of this, many physician recruiters view the passive candidate as the gold standard. But how do you reach a candidate that isn’t already looking?

6Jul, 2016

7 Ways to Sell the Community to Physician Candidates

Physician recruiters know that when it comes to recruiting physician candidates, location matters. Many candidates have a clear idea of the type of community they want to live in, and it’s up to the recruiter to show them that their community is exactly what their looking for if they want their physician recruitment effort to be successful.
But actually selling your community to prospective candidates can be tricky. What do you mention in your community description? Does is vary depending on who you’re addressing and where? How do you display the information? Who else can you enlist in your efforts? 

6Jul, 2016

Questions You Should Ask In An Interview

The possibility of getting a new job is certainly exciting, even though interviews can be quite nerve wracking. After all, you have to sit and answer questions from your potential employer and in many cases, […]

28Jun, 2016

Recruiting Graduating Physicians: How To Get Ahead of the Competition

Now that summer is fully underway, next year’s graduating physicians are beginning their job searches. With these graduating physicians in such high demand among healthcare organizations, the competition between recruiters to bring them on board has skyrocketed. Due to this, these candidates become inundated with recruitment emails, phone calls, and print advertisements very early on, leaving recruiters scrambling to find ways to get their message in front of these candidates and convince them to join their organizations.

22Jun, 2016

Tips For Hiring The Right Employees For Your Business

If you’ve been experiencing high turnover in your business, it could be because you’re not hiring the right people. In order for your business to thrive, you must have employees who are passionate about the […]

22Jun, 2016

Physician Recruitment Emails: Avoiding the Spam Folder [Infographic]

Physician recruiters are always on the hunt for ways to get their opportunities in front of prospective candidates. Now, one of the most popular ways to do this is through physician recruitment email campaigns. But while sending out emails to candidates can be a great way to generate interest, they won’t do much good if they end up in candidate’s spam folders. So how are physician recruiters supposed to avoid this unfortunate outcome?

16Jun, 2016

7 Big Challenges Facing Physician Recruitment


It’s tough being a physician recruiter in today’s healthcare landscape. While many recruiters love what they do (and for good reason), they face daily struggles in trying to recruit physicians to join their healthcare organizations. Now as more Americans get access to health insurance every year, the need to recruit and retain even more physicians is stronger than ever. But it isn’t getting any easier, and likely won’t anytime soon.


14Jun, 2016

Managing Partner, Gus Peña, is featured on SFBJ’s Easing Gridlock Panel Discussion: Addressing Transportation Woes in the Workplace

In the month of February, Ascendo’s Managing Partner, Gus Peña, was invited to speak at the South Florida Business Journal’s Panel Discussion Easing Gridlock, which focused on address the woes of transportation in the workplace. […]

13Jun, 2016

4 Organizations Using Twitter for Healthcare Recruitment the Right Way

Most healthcare recruiters will hear at some point how they need to get on twitter to recruit and engage prospective candidates. But when push comes to shove, most stick to posting job openings and little else. Unfortunately, this method of using twitter for healthcare recruitment is unlikely to yield any results. Instead, healthcare recruiters should concentrate on sharing a healthy mix of posts that include those that highlight company culture, share employee stories, broadcast a commitment to excellence, and engage with existing employees – all in addition to job openings.

8Jun, 2016

Should Your Company Outsource Your Human Resource Department?

When it comes to outsourcing, it’s not unusual for a company to outsource the Human Resource Department. This allows for you to focus on other business needs within your company.

Outsourcing the human resource company allows […]

8Jun, 2016

The Perks of Hiring FMGs as Part of Your Physician Recruitment Strategy

When deciding what your ideal candidate will look like during the physician recruitment process, most recruiters will cover training first. Some organizations prefer certain residency/fellowship programs or medical schools, due either to the specific focus of a program or the culture of the group. One thing that is common in many health care organizations is an unspoken preference for candidates that graduated from American medical schools, despite the fact that both American Medical Graduates (or AMGs) and Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) must complete residency and fellowships in the United States in order to practice medicine in their desired specialty.  […]

1Jun, 2016

4 Things Physician Recruiters Should Put in Job Descriptions-But Don’t

As the key to attracting to physician candidates, good job descriptions are a requirement for any recruiter looking to fill a need. When done correctly, a good job description can draw the potential candidate in, target your ideal candidate, and sell  your organization’s brand. As such a versatile piece of content, it would make sense that physician recruiters would make sure to get them right. But all too often, recruiters will fail to put in information that could pull their ideal candidate off the fence and onto their team.

25May, 2016

Turning The Tide On High Turnover Rates

If you are churning through workers almost as quickly as your company needs to produce widgets, you have to face some stark realizations. It is costing you dearly. No fear, answering some questions will lead […]

24May, 2016

5 Questions to Ask Before Inviting a Physician On a Candidate Site Visit

So you’ve found a fantastic candidate. You’ve had phone and maybe even skype interviews, they check all of the boxes, and you can’t wait to bring them in for an in-person interview. But before you go ahead and extend an invitation, there are some questions you need to ask yourself – and potentially the candidate – to keep yourself from wasting valuable recruitment funds bringing out a candidate who might not be as interested in you as you are in them.

19May, 2016

6 Biggest Mistakes Physician Recruiters Make When Leaving Voicemails

Whether it’s cold calling prospective candidates or reaching out to those who have applied or already moving through the recruitment process, most physician recruiters will find themselves leaving candidates voicemails. Unfortunately, many of these voicemails will go unreturned. So what can physician recruiters do to increase the likelihood that a candidate will return a call?

17May, 2016

5 Ways Great Leadership Improves the Physician Recruitment Process

There are many areas in health care where the right leadership can really make a difference. Great leaders have been know to improve employee morale, quality of patient care, and growth of the organization. Now there is one other area in which they could have a positive influence – the recruitment of new providers. 
The involvement of great leaders in the physician recruitment process can help smooth out the speed bumps that often show up, especially in protracted and difficult recruitments. At the very least, involved leadership can step in at the end stages when things have stalled, and are even more effective when involved throughout the entire recruitment process.

11May, 2016

Employers And Employees Should Look To The Top Executive Search Firms

Whether you’re an employer who needs help filling positions within your company or a consumer looking for a job related to your qualifications and experience, executive search firms can surely help. They make it their […]

9May, 2016

Contingency VS Retained: Picking the Right Physician Recruitment Firm

It’s no secret that most health care organizations utilize physician recruitment firms at one point or another – some even use multiple firms simultaneously. The reason why is clear: by using firms, in-house recruiters can get access to everything from passive job seekers to assistance with contract negations. But in order to get the full benefit of using a physician recruitment firm, in-house recruiters need to know first which kind of firm to use.

4May, 2016

The Top Questions You May Be Asked In An Interview

Are you planning on interviewing for jobs? If so, then you should know what some of the top questions you may be asked are going to be. With that said, below are the top five […]

3May, 2016

How Employee Testimonials Can Improve Your Physician Recruitment Efforts [infographic]

As a savvy physician recruiter, you’re always looking to find a way to get an edge on the competition and lure qualified physician candidates your way. But one thing many recruiters don’t realize is that the existing physicians and providers within an organization can be it’s best asset. More than just referring or helping interview physician candidates, existing employees can help attract, engage, and convince prospective candidates through well-done employee testimonials.

26Apr, 2016

5 Reasons Job Board Postings May Fail to Fill Your Physician Recruitment Need

Whenever a new physician recruitment effort gets underway, the first thing the vast majority of physician recruiters do is post the new position online. Some recruiters will even rely solely on a job board posting to generate candidates to fill a position. But while job board postings can be a good source of candidates, there is a high probability that a posting on a job board will not be the way you fill your recruitment need. 

20Apr, 2016

How Employers Are Using Ascendo Resources to Find Employees

One of the most difficult tasks that any employer has is that of finding and hiring the right employees. The difficult part comes in narrowing down to the person who is not only going to […]

19Apr, 2016

6 Things You Need to Do Before You Begin a Physician Recruitment Effort

When a group is looking to hire a new physician, they often find that they needed to hire them yesterday. Whether it’s because an existing physician gave notice, has decided to retire, or has suddenly left the organization for personal issues, many groups find themselves scrambling to fill the hole left by the departing physician. But in this rush to fill the position, many organizations and recruiters fail to lay the groundwork necessary for a successful physician recruitment effort before they even draft the job description.

15Apr, 2016

Ascendo Ranks #3 in Top Executive Search Firms

On April 15th, 2016, the South Florida Business Journal released their annual list of Top Executive Search Firms in South Florida. Ascendo Resources is proudly ranked #3 this year with a revenue of $26.5 million. […]

12Apr, 2016

4 Ways to Screen Physician Candidates for Soft Skills

With the Affordable Care Act well under way,  it has become more important than ever for hospitals and health systems that providers not only aim to reduce costs, but also improve the quality of care provided to patients. With this quality often measured, at least in part, on patient satisfaction scores, organizations are finding themselves searching for the soft skills that can lead to excellent patient satisfaction in prospective candidates.

4Apr, 2016

5 Quick Tips for Using Facebook for Physician Recruitment

Using social media in physician recruitment has become something that many organizations are finding necessary in order to find and engage with prospective candidates. Not only is it a great way to show off your company culture, it is also a great to for finding and engaging with passive candidates.
But while most organizations have an active presence on LinkedIn for physician recruitment, fewer are as active on Facebook. This is a missed opportunity as the vast majority of Americans – in all age groups – are active on Facebook on a regular basis, and also use the platform to support and engage with organizations.

31Mar, 2016

9 Things to Keep in Mind When Recruiting Millennial Physicians

It might seem a little early, but millennial physicians have begun entering the workplace. As articles circulate online about the difficulties surrounding working with a new generation of employees that have vastly different priorities and needs than previous generations, many organizations are finding themselves at a loss when deciding how best to recruit and retain them.

22Mar, 2016

7 Candidate Sourcing Tools Every Physician Recruiter Needs

Sourcing qualified physician candidates is a pain point most recruiters will cite at one time or another. With so many opportunities and so few physicians, prospective candidates find themselves getting bombarded with recruitment advertisements and messages on a daily basis. This leads many of them to avoid uploading their CVs online, answering unsolicited calls, and essentially avoiding speaking with recruiters for large chunks of their careers. So how are physician recruiters supposed to source candidates for their open positions?

16Mar, 2016

What no one told you about using social media in physician recruitment

You probably know by now that you should be using social media as part of your overall physician recruitment strategy.  Whether you’ve read articles on the subject, or seen success stories of it working well for other hospitals and health systems, you likely know what it would take to make it work for you. But there are some things about using social media in physician recruitment that no one has told you about.

10Mar, 2016

The Do’s and Don’ts of Texting Physician Candidates [infographic]

Let’s be honest – the vast majority of people use text messages as their primary mode of communication. Many no longer check their voicemails, and even more refuse to pick up calls from unknown numbers. So what is a physician recruiter to do?

2Mar, 2016

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Physician Recruitment Offer

So you’ve finally found the perfect candidate for your position – or so you think. They’ve interviewed, toured the facilities, and met the other providers they would be working with. Now is the time to start drafting up a physician recruitment offer, right?  […]

29Feb, 2016

How To Choose Which Social Media Sites to Use for Physician Recruitment

Most physician recruiters know that they should be using social media in physician recruitment. As a great way to engage with prospective candidates and expand your organization’s reach to passive candidates. But with so many social media networks out there, it can be difficult for hospitals and health systems decide which one would be the best fit for their organization’s physician recruitment efforts.

26Feb, 2016

Ascendo Ranks #6 in Top Temporary Personnel & Staffing Agencies

This Friday, the South Florida Business Journal released their list of Top Temporary Personnel and Staffing Agencies. Ascendo Resources ranked #6 this year, moving up from its previous rankings of #9 in 2015 and #11 […]

26Feb, 2016

Ascendo Resources Opens New Office in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Feb 26, 2016 – Ascendo Resources, an award-winning executive sourcing firm that places accounting, finance, banking, compliance, healthcare, IT, HR & administrative professionals in the best workplaces, has opened a new office in Jacksonville, […]

23Feb, 2016

7 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Twitter for Physician Recruitment

Most organizations are now making at least some effort to utilize twitter to attract physician candidates, but many don’t know how to use it to it’s greatest effect. In fact, many recruiters find themselves falling into at least one of seven bad habits that can decrease your chances of successfully sourcing a candidate – and may even decrease your follower count.

19Feb, 2016

5 Ways Instagram Can Enhance Your Physician Recruitment Efforts

Plenty of health care organizations have gotten on board with using sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for recruiting prospective physician candidates. Noting the value of attracting and engaging with prospective candidates where they congregate, most practices have made at least a passing effort at using social media as part of their physician recruitment strategy. But while most use the big three and Youtube, almost no health care organizations make use of Instagram in recruiting physicians.

16Feb, 2016

7 Simple Linkedin Tips for Physician Recruiters

When most recruiters begin thinking about incorporating social media in their physician recruitment strategies, the first social media platform they turn to is LinkedIn. Marketed as the social media network for work, it seems like a natural first step in using social media in physician recruitment. This is especially true when you consider that 30% of physicians indicated that it would be the social network they would most likely use in a job search.

10Feb, 2016

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Show Off Your Practice Culture

With so many choices today, physician candidates don’t just want to work at any practice. Instead, physicians want to work at practices who’s values, culture, and clinical mission align with their own. Because of this, it has become increasingly important for physician recruiters to emphasize a practice’s unique culture when sourcing and screening candidates. […]

4Feb, 2016

4 Ways Your Employer Brand is Key to Your Physician Recruitment Plan

The competition for qualified physician candidates is fierce throughout the country. This comes at a time when the demand has never been higher, but the supply has stayed relatively the same. With so many practice opportunities for physicians to choose from, candidates have become increasingly selective in who they work with, where they work, and who they work for. 

3Feb, 2016

7 Things to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Physician Recruitment Firm

Most in-house physician recruiters will work with a third-party recruitment agency at some point during their careers. With recruiters often stretched thin, many find using a recruitment firm to help ease the burden, especially with difficult to fill recruitment searches. Despite this fact, many in-house recruiters have a negative view of outside firms, often because they didn’t choose the right firm.

28Jan, 2016

Challenges in Sourcing Physician Candidates-And How to Overcome Them [infographic]

With intense competition for qualified physicians, sourcing physician candidates for your opportunity can often seem like your biggest obstacle. With multiple employers vying for a limited pool of candidates, it may seem like the only challenge would be in getting to candidates before the medical group down the street, but the challenges associated with sourcing candidates in physician recruitment go beyond that.

26Jan, 2016

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Physician Recruitment Offer

So you’ve managed to source, screen, and interview a candidate that everyone on your team loves. You know they would be an amazing addition to the organization, so you decide to make the candidate an offer. While you may think the deal is nearly done at this point, many recruiters and organizations have found themselves without a candidate after they botched the offer stage of the physician recruitment process.

19Jan, 2016

10 Quick Tips About Candidate Communication [infographic]

In the world of physician recruitment today, recruiters find themselves competing with one another to get their opportunity in front of prospective candidates on a much bigger scale than ever before. With the increased competition for top talent, physician recruiters find themselves needing to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. But how can recruiters effectively communicate with prospective candidates during the recruitment process?

15Jan, 2016

5 Factors in Evaluating the Best Job Boards for Physician Recruitment

Internet  job boards are one of the main tools recruiters use to source qualified physician candidates during a physician recruitment effort. As the demand for physician job board postings has increased, so has the supply, with countless health care oriented job boards across the web. But while the number of job boards has increased, the number of high quality job boards has not. So how is a recruiter supposed to be able to differentiate between the two?

12Jan, 2016

9 Things to Know About Effectively Sourcing Physician Candidates

When asked what their biggest challenge is in recruiting physician candidates, most recruiters will say sourcing qualified physicians. In a health care landscape that has become hyper competitive, many hospitals and health systems find themselves in fierce competition for top talent – and that’s when they can find them. Because of this, recruiters have sought out new and better ways to source physician candidates in the hopes of having them join their teams. […]

6Jan, 2016

7 Trends Shaping Physician Recruitment in 2016

The physician recruitment landscape is constantly changing. With new tools and technology becoming available, recruiters are using everything at their disposal to attract and retain top physician candidates in what is becoming an increasingly competitive physician recruitment market.

5Jan, 2016

3 Ways to View the Role of Candidate Control in Physician Recruitment

When recruiting physician candidates, many believe that it is the recruiter’s responsibility to “control” a candidate’s actions throughout the recruitment process in order to ensure a placement. Everything from making sure a candidate doesn’t miss an interview to convincing them to take this position over any other is considered part of good “candidate control.” But while many recruiters wish that they could control their candidates, they find that it is impossible to control another human being. So instead of looking at the process through the lens of candidate control, recruiters should instead be viewing the end goal of candidate control from a different perspective.

29Dec, 2015

7 Reasons We Love Being Physician Recruiters

Recruiting physicians today is often a long process filled with disappointments and frustration. With the demand for physicians greater than the supply, many recruiters have a difficult time filling their open positions – even when it’s in a desirable location with a prestigious health system. So why do physician recruiters stay in the recruitment field for decades and often their whole careers?

21Dec, 2015

7 Reasons Physician Candidates Aren’t Applying to Your Opportunity

You’ve gotten a job order, drafted a job description, and promptly posted it to multiple job boards. But after a couple of weeks, the only thing you’re hearing in response is crickets. What went wrong? While some recruiters may think that they just need to give the opportunity a little time to generate interest, it is important to try to identify what may be wrong early on in the physician recruitment effort so as not to waste valuable time.

17Dec, 2015

How to Deal with Administrative Pressure in Lengthy Recruitment Searches

We’ve all been there: a difficult search has passed the six month mark and you’re still no closer to hiring a physician to fill your open position. Whether you had a promising candidate take competing offer or haven’t even been able to bring in a candidate for a site visit, every recruiter has faced a search that has seemed nearly impossible to fill. And with these difficult, protracted recruitment searches comes intense administrative pressure.

15Dec, 2015

The Aging Physician Landscape: What it Means for Physician Recruitment

One of the largest groups of physicians – those of the baby boomer generation – are at and nearing retirement age. Known for their commitment to their careers, willingness to work long hours, and high productivity, many of these aging physicians have begun to retire or are planning to soon. This fact has many in the health care industry worried about the future of health care –  and if there will be enough providers to treat an aging population.

10Dec, 2015

How to Write a Compelling Offer to Recruit Top Physician Candidates

The site visits are complete, and both you and the physician candidate are interested in moving forward. At this point, it is time for you as the recruiter to draft a compelling physician recruitment offer. If everything else during the physician recruitment process has gone well, what you offer – and how you present it – can make the difference between hiring your ideal candidate or losing them to the competition.

9Dec, 2015

5 Things to Do at Year End to Boost Physician Recruitment Efforts in 2016

As the year comes to a close and the holidays draw closer, many recruiters are winding down their recruitment activities for the end of the year. While December isn’t traditionally considered the best time of year for recruiting physicians, it can provide recruiters with the necessary lull to assess, plan, and jump start their physician recruitment efforts for the next year.

3Dec, 2015

The Role of Medical Education Location in Physician Recruitment


1Dec, 2015

Job Seekers Need to be on Social Media

1Dec, 2015

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Recruiting Married Physician Teams

Finding the right physician to join your practice is becoming a difficult task for many groups. This is why when a recruiter comes across two physicians who could potentially join the team, it’s difficult not to get excited – especially when they are a package deal. But many practices and organizations are wary of hiring physician spouses, or even considering them during the physician recruitment process.

23Nov, 2015

4 Reasons to Boost Physician Recruitment Efforts During the Holidays

As the holidays roll around, many physician recruiters will begin to put many of their recruitment activities – from opportunity marketing to scheduling site visits – on hold until the new year. Some recruiters assume that as the holidays roll around, physicians will become less available and less likely to seek out new opportunities, but the opposite is actually true.

19Nov, 2015

Physician Recruitment Incentives: Necessary or Not?

As competition for high quality physician candidates heats up, many recruiters find themselves using every tool in their arsenal to attract the best and brightest candidates. Everything from leveraging existing physician’s networks to rolling out the red carpet during site visits is on the table. But when it comes to physician recruitment incentives, many recruiters and organizations disagree as to which are necessary to attract and hire physicians, and which are not. 

18Nov, 2015

Ascendo Wins Outstanding Minority Owned Business

Ascendo Wins the Outstanding Minority-Owned Business Award from the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, part of the prestigious Diamond Awards!

18Nov, 2015

Best Practices for Cold Calling Physician Candidates [infographic]

The days of physician recruiters being able to simply run an ad or post an opportunity to a job board and receive dozens of applications for a position are long gone. With over two thirds of prospective candidates being passive candidates, recruiters are finding themselves reaching out to physicians who may not be perusing job boards or journal classifieds. Because of this, many physician candidates are finding themselves inundated with recruitment emails and calls on a daily basis. So how does a physician recruiter actually get through to one of these candidates and stand out from the pack? […]

12Nov, 2015

The Importance of Cultural Fit in Physician Recruitment [Infographic]

In the constant battle to recruit and retain the highest quality physicians, physician recruiters are always on the lookout to find tools and strategies that can help them meet their physician recruitment goals. Recently, some recruiters have begun using cultural fit as a tool to find physicians who would both thrive in their organizations and be more likely to stay on long term. But how important is cultural fit in physician recruitment? And how do recruiters assess it during the physician recruitment process?

11Nov, 2015

9 Ways to Optimize Your Physician Recruitment Job Posting for SEO

While job boards and online postings should never be a recruiter’s sole source of candidates, they remain a key part of a comprehensive physician recruitment strategy. But whether internal or external, job postings aren’t effective if your ideal physician candidate can’t find them. So how is a recruiter to ensure that prospective candidates will find their jobs while searching online?

5Nov, 2015

Candidate Generation & Relationship Building in Physician Recruitment

In the early days of physician recruitment and executive search firms, a recruiter’s value was based on his Rolodex. Recruiters would spend years building relationships with high-quality candidates, improving their personal network, and being keenly aware of what each of their contacts strengths, weaknesses, and professional desires were.
Fast forward to the present day and the image of a recruiter with a phone and a Rolodex has changed. Instead, recruiters comb through databases and job boards to find candidates that meet their exacting requirements.

2Nov, 2015

Dealing with the Generational Divide in Physician Recruitment [infographic]

In physician recruitment, no two candidates are exactly alike. Whether it is different reasons for relocating or a difference in practice preference, each physician’s job search is unique. But while this is the case, there are still some common characteristics among physicians of the same generation. When it comes to priorities, preferences, and career progression, very clear differences emerge between physicians of different generations.

29Oct, 2015

7 Things Recruiters Need to Know About Recruiting Graduating Physicians

Graduating physicians are one of the most pursued segments of the physician population. A key part to many hospital’s and health system’s physician recruitment plan, these candidates are highly sought after and exceptionally well-qualified candidates are often signed very early on into their final year of training. But the graduating residents and fellows of today are not like those of past generations. With shifting preferences and expectations, it is important to know what these candidate’s find important – and how to attract them to your practice. 

21Oct, 2015

5 Key Aspects of an Effective Physician Recruitment Website

Many organizations have embraced marketing strategies that focus on engaging with prospective candidates and drawing them to their sites organically. But in some instances, candidates come to the site and find themselves underwhelmed. Whether it’s poor user experience, no mobile optimization, or a lack of additional information, some organizations find themselves missing out on opportunities once they already have the candidates on their site. […]

16Oct, 2015

3 Ways Great Physician Recruiters Think Like Inbound Marketers

Today, the job seeker’s journey has changed. Thanks to an overwhelming need for a limited number of qualified candidates in the health care field, many of the ways that physician recruiters traditionally used to recruit physicians have ceased to be as effective. In response to this, many physician recruiters have taken the initiative and begun to source and engage candidates in other ways – ways that seem remarkably similar to inbound marketing strategies. 

14Oct, 2015

Top 5 Things In-House Physician Recruiters Should Be Tweeting About

Today, over 73% of Americans have a social media profile. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why so many health care organizations have begun utilizing various social media in physician recruitment as a way to source and engage potential candidates. But while many recruiters are familiar with using Linkedin for recruitment, far fewer have been able to effectively utilize twitter to recruit health care professionals.

8Oct, 2015

How To Position Your Opportunity for Physician Recruitment Success

When trying to fill a physician need, many recruiters fall back on posting generic job descriptions on job boards and journals, without any consideration to the best way to market the opportunity. By using this post and pray method, physician recruiters fail to expose the right candidates to their opportunities. Even if the right candidate sees their opportunity, the generic job description often fails to move the candidate to act.

7Oct, 2015

6 Things to Include in a Community Profile for Physician Recruitment [infographic]

In today’s physician recruitment market, “quality of life” reigns supreme. Many young physicians find themselves more interested in the community a practice is situated in than the practice itself. New generations of physicians are seeking opportunities that emphasize a healthy work-life balance – and they want to make sure the community they will call home will have plenty for them to do.

1Oct, 2015

The Top 4 Mistakes Recruiters Make during a Candidate Site Visit

With the physician shortage looming, recruiters need to do everything in their power to recruit and retain the highest quality physicians possible – especially during a candidate site visit. When looking to recruit a new physician to your practice, the way you handle a candidate site visit can make or break your physician recruitment effort. At this point, the candidate has entered the red zone and what you do from here on out can cause the candidate to either join your team enthusiastically or run for the hills.

30Sep, 2015

Ascendo Ranks #8 on Charlotte Business Journal list for “Largest Area Contingency Executive Search Firms”

23Sep, 2015

Choosing Between Experienced and Graduating Physicians in Physician Recruitment 

When beginning a new physician recruitment effort, one of the earliest decisions the team will encounter is whether the prospective candidate should have a certain level of experience, or whether a recent graduate would be a better fit.  While many recruiters and practice administrators assume that an experienced candidate is always the better choice, several factors will influence not only what type of candidate a practice really needs, but also which type they would be able to attract.

21Sep, 2015

Ascendo Ranks #24 Florida Fastest Growing Company

Ranked by 2015 billings by the South Florida Business Journal.

15Sep, 2015

5 Biggest Reasons Physician Recruitment Efforts Fail

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more Americans are gaining access to health care and nearly every practice and hospital is finding themselves in need of recruiting more physicians and allied health providers. But while these practices and health systems find themselves actively taking on physician recruitment efforts, many find themselves with recruitment searches that go beyond six months with no end in sight. Why are these recruitment efforts failing, and what can physician recruiters do to salvage them?

14Sep, 2015

Ascendo Resources Opens New Office in Houston

HOUSTON, Sep 14, 2015- Ascendo Resources, an award-winning executive sourcing firm that places accounting, finance, banking, compliance, healthcare, IT, HR & administrative professionals in the best workplaces, has opened a new office in Houston at […]

10Sep, 2015

3 Things NOT to Do When Trying to Succeed in Physician Recruitment

As the competition for top physician talent continues to heat up, recruiters are finding themselves trying to do everything in their power to source more candidates and recruit more effectively. As they begin to utilize more tools to aid in the process and follow best practices for physician recruitment, many physician recruiters are becoming ever more effective at their jobs. But even as they continue to research how to do recruitment right, they are often overlooking what they are doing wrong. 

2Sep, 2015

3 Steps Recruiters Miss in Establishing a Physician Candidate Pipeline

When it comes to establishing a candidate pipeline, some physician recruiters assume a “more is better” attitude. While having more options can seem like an ideal situation, too many options can create confusion, just as much as too few options can create frustration. Because of this, it is important for recruiters to establish and maintain a candidate pipeline that allows for enough options to meet your goals without causing confusion.

1Sep, 2015

Employers Are Turning to Social Media To Find and Hire

MIAMI, Sept. 1, 2015- A recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in collaboration with and commissioned by Ascendo Resources discovered that in the war for talent, employers are turning to […]

31Aug, 2015

3 Reasons to Not Count Out Graduating Physicians Late in the Game

The average graduating physician begins his or her search as early as twelve months before graduating, while many of the remaining graduating physicians begin their search as early as six months before graduation. Because of this, many recruiters believe a graduating physician who is still available by August is in some way lacking.

26Aug, 2015

How to Uncover Red Flags During a Candidate Screening

With a looming physician shortage, many physician recruiters are scrambling to find enough qualified candidates to meet their physician recruitment needs. With an ever growing list of recruitment needs and administrative pressure weighing on recruiters, many are ready to recruit any seemingly qualified candidate to fill their positions. But in this rush to plug the gaps and replace physicians lost to turnover, some recruiters are failing to spot the red flags that can mark a physician as a less than ideal fit. […]

24Aug, 2015

Planning Ahead: When Expansion Plans Meet the Physician Shortage

In today’s health care market, the vast majority of hospitals, medical groups, and health systems are all racing to expand and increase their market share. While the increasing demand for health care is real, many key decision makers in these organizations seemingly fail to realize one thing: there are not enough physicians to go around.

21Aug, 2015

Ascendo ranks #5 Fastest Growing Company

Ranked by 2015 billings by the South Florida Business Journal.

19Aug, 2015

The Role of Community Marketing in Physician Recruitment

When recruiting a physician to join a practice, the community the opportunity is located in is almost as important as the opportunity itself. With so many high quality opportunities for physicians to choose from in this candidate driven market, what a community has to offer can often make or break a physician recruitment effort.

17Aug, 2015

The Role of Effective Recruitment & Onboarding on Physician Retention

When the topic of competition for top physician talent comes up, the vast majority of recruiters lay the blame on the physician shortage. But the physician shortage isn’t the only aspect causing turmoil in the physician recruitment sphere. For the past six years, the physician turnover rate has been steadily increasing (from 5.9% in 2009 to 6.8% in 2013) , and is expected to get worse as the aging physician population begins to retire.

12Aug, 2015

Best Practices for Creating a Physician Recruitment Direct Mail Piece

The death of direct mail in physician recruitment has been greatly exaggerated. While many recruiters denounce the practice as ineffective, the fact is that direct mail continues to be a fantastic way to source passive physician candidates as part of a physician recruitment effort. But while they can be effective, certain best practices need to be followed in order to get the return on investment that you want.

10Aug, 2015

5 Ways Recruiting D.O.s Can Improve Your Practice

Despite their growing numbers and acceptance, many everyday people – and even some physician recruiters – are unaware of the fact that D.O.s hold the same rights and privileges as M.D.s. But while D.O.s are one of the fastest growing segments of the physician population (about 25% of new medical school graduates will be one), many employers are still shying away from bringing them on board.

5Aug, 2015

3 Best Practices for Leaving Physician Candidates Voicemails

Do the voicemails you leave physician candidates result in a call back? If your answer is “usually, no” then you’re probably not doing it right. Whether the voice message is left after a cold call or as a follow up to an inquiry, a quality voice message should result in a call back. But is there a right way to leave a voicemail? And if so, what is it?

3Aug, 2015

Physician Recruitment Myths That Are Hurting Your Practice

Physician recruitment is a field that is dogged by many myths. Whether they have to do with sourcing candidates, marketing opportunities, or figuring out how to spot the candidates that are the best fit, many myths spread misinformation that can severely damage a practice’s recruitment effort – and sometimes, even it’s reputation.

1Aug, 2015

Ascendo Resources Ranked #1005 in INC5000

Ascendo Resources has made it on the INC. list yet again! This year, Ascendo ranked #1005 with a 436% growth in the past three years. Additionally, Ascendo was recognized as the #19 Top Human Resources […]

29Jul, 2015

How to Create Effective Physician Recruitment Emails in 5 Easy Steps

Physician recruitment emails are part of many physician recruiter’s comprehensive sourcing strategy. In their efforts to get their opportunity in front of as many candidates as possible, more and more recruiters are turning to email to reach the ever elusive passive candidates. 

27Jul, 2015

5 Mistakes Recruiters Make When Screening Physician Candidates

In the battle for top quality physician candidates, many recruiters are finding themselves focusing on hiring the candidates with the best training and experience they can. While this is important, there are many other factors recruiters are failing to take into account when sourcin and screening physician candidates. Avoiding certain questions or failing to consider important factors such as fit or likelihood to stay can end up costing health care employers in the long run – both in terms of talent and their bottom line.  […]

22Jul, 2015

How to Use Social Media in Physician Recruitment

With the rise of social media and the increase competition among health care employers for qualified providers, using social media in physician recruitment is no longer an option. With the vast majority of physicians being passive candidates, it now falls to employers to make sure to use all the tools at their disposal to engage and recruit candidates that may not necessarily be looking for a move.

20Jul, 2015

Is an Independent Practice Association for You? [infographic]

Today, many practicing and graduating physicians choose hospital employment over traditional private practice. Due to the pressures of the Affordable Care Act and increasingly difficult relationships with insurance companies, many physician entrepreneurs have been left feeling as if the only way for them to handle the new pressures placed on their practices is to align themselves with major groups and health systems.

16Jul, 2015

The Perks of Working with a Physician Recruitment Firm [infographic]

While many groups, hospitals, and health systems have started bringing their physician recruitment services in-house, many still work with physician recruitment firms – especially on difficult searches. With overwhelmed in-house recruiters dealing with more searches every year as their recruitment budgets shrink, working with physician recruitment firms becomes a necessity in order to make sure that a practice is staffed with enough providers.

15Jul, 2015

Challenges in Recruiting Physicians to Join a Solo Practitioner

The end of the solo practitioner has been greatly exaggerated. The increased demand for quality care is causing many groups and solo practitioners to consider bringing on additional physicians and extenders. But while many independent practitioners are finding that they need to bring on additional physicians, many are finding that doing so may not be as easy as it once was.

9Jul, 2015

All About Timing: Best Times for Cold Calling Physician Candidates

It’s a candidate’s world in the physician recruitment sphere. With the demand for qualified physician candidates outstripping the supply, recruiters must find ways to meet the talent needs of their organizations. To do this, many recruiters find themselves searching for  ways to reach the elusive passive candidates. In fact, finding the best candidates often depends on a recruiter’s ability to effectively source passive candidates. But finding great passive candidates takes much more than simply advertising a position.

6Jul, 2015

The Why, When, and How of Following Up with Physician Candidates

Maintaining strong lines of communication with candidates as they move through the physician recruitment process is crucial for successfully bringing a candidate on board. Often cited as one of the biggest complaints job seekers have in regards to the recruitment process, inconsistent or nonexistent communication between you and a candidate can leave a sour taste in a physician candidate’s mouth, and lead them to choose a competitor over you. But is it necessary to follow up with physician candidates at every stage of the recruitment process? And if so, how and when?

1Jul, 2015

Physician Recruitment: How to Address a Looming Practice Acquisition


It’s the new normal in today’s health care system: hospitals and health systems are scrambling to acquire private practices and employ more physicians in their search for greater market share. But sometimes in their rush to ramp up their practice acquisition, they begin the process of acquiring a practice just as it is growing and engaging in their own physician recruitment effort. The growing pains associated with adding additional providers coupled with the changes that occur during a practice acquisition can cause issues that can derail a physician recruitment effort.


29Jun, 2015

Best Practices for Creating Physician Recruitment Emails [infographic]

Today, suceeding in physician recruitment requires recruiters to create and execute a comprehensive candidate sourcing strategy – a strategy in which email plays a vital role.
With nearly all adults in the U.S. possessing and utilizing email (with over 58% of individuals checking their email first thing in the morning ), utilizing email as part of your overall physician recruitment strategy is no longer an option. But with most prospective candidates dealing with overloaded inboxes, the question of how to stand out from the crowd remains.

25Jun, 2015

How to Effectively Use a Signing Bonus in Your Recruitment Strategy

In the ever more competitive world for high quality health care talent, many practices are finding themselves turning to recruitment incentives to sweeten the deal. Whether they are large relocation allowances, loan forgiveness, or other bonuses, offering whatever your organization thinks is appropriate when an offer is being made might not be enough.

23Jun, 2015

The Physician Recruitment Cycle: Consistency Pays Off [infographic]

A good physician recruitment strategy is about more than just knowing where to source candidates and how to bring them on board – it’s one that never stops. With timing being so important to whether a candidate will consider an opportunity, it is crucial for recruiters to maintain an ongoing physician recruitment cycle. 

18Jun, 2015

Equal Pay:Using a Standard Salary for Single Specialty Physician Groups

Most recruiters and physicians are familiar with the contract negotiation process – especially when it comes to compensation. The negotiation process often results with different physicians in the same practice receiving different compensation for providing essentially the same services to the same patient population. This disparity sometimes has little to do with experience level, productivity, or even quality of care, leading some to ask: is this fair?

16Jun, 2015

How to Deal With Residents Expecting Higher Pay than Current Physicians


11Jun, 2015

4 Reasons to reach out to 2015 physician candidates late in the game

The majority of medical groups, hospitals and health systems have a robust physician recruitment strategy that emphasizes recruiting physician candidates straight out of residency. These tech savvy new graduates often have boundless energy and up to date medical knowledge that is highly sought after by many health care employers, and many of these employers are targeting them up to two years before graduation. But just because it seems like it’s a little late to snatch up these desireable physician candidates, doesn’t mean that there aren’t still candidates still open to your opportunity.

9Jun, 2015

3 Ways the Summer Months Complicate Candidate Site Visits

Candidate site visits are a pivotal point of your physician recruitment process. Already in the home stretch, a site visit plays a major role in whether or not a candidate will choose to join your team, so it’s up to you as the physician recruiter to make sure that everything goes smoothly. But with so many moving parts and changing variables, ensuring that a site visit goes according to plan can be difficult – and even more difficult when scheduled during the summer months. 

4Jun, 2015

The Saboteur:How Difficult Influencers Can Derail Physician Recruitment

Being a physician recruiter isn’t easy. Between dealing with a highly competitive market, managing oftentimes conflicting needs, and working with individuals with a variety of personalities, a typical recruiter has to juggle many competing demands. Having to manage all of these conflicting interests and personalities often results in pain points developing in the physician recruitment process, but many recruiters don’t realize that the biggest roadblock to a successful recruitment effort can actually come from within their own organization.

2Jun, 2015

3 Ways to Identify Pain Points in the Physician Recruitment Process

Most physician recruitment efforts come across stumbling blocks. Whether it’s a process that takes too long to provide a great candidate with an offer or a difficult decision maker, it’s pretty common for a recruitment effort to stumble across some roadblocks. In order for the recruitment to move forward and be successful, it is crucial for recruiters to be able to identify the pain points in a physician recruitment process in order to find ways to remedy them (or at worst, work around them).

26May, 2015

Unresponsive Candidates:Using Break up Emails in Physician Recruitment

A physician applies for your opportunity, perhaps even interviews and conducts a site visit, and then suddenly becomes unresponsive. This is a series of events that many frustrated physician recruiters are familiar with. Oftentimes, the lack of communication is after promising discussions and interviews, leaving the recruiter at a loss as to why the physician candidate ceased to respond. 

21May, 2015

5 Things Your Competition Can Teach You About Physician Recruitment

It’s a story many physician recruiters are familiar with. A stellar candidate is set on relocating to their area, but after several promising interviews and many times even an offer of employment, the candidate instead decides to join the competition. While this is undoubtedly frustrating for the recruiters who were confident the physician would join their team, this should be taken as a crucial learning experience.

19May, 2015

Graduating Residents & Physician Recruitment:What to Know[infographic]

Graduating residents are an integral part of many organization’s physician recruitment strategy. Bringing energy, fresh ideas, and up to date medical knowledge with them to their first opportunity, new graduates are becoming more and more attractive to prospective employers. But graduating physicians aren’t just prized for their vigor and can-do attitude. 

14May, 2015

5 Occasions When You Should Text Physician Candidates

Texting is rapidly replacing voice calls as most people’s preferred method of communication. Usually quick and to the point, text messages make communicating easy for individuals on the go. For busy physicians, communicating through text can be ideal – allowing them to send a quick response when they find a free moment.

12May, 2015

4 Ways a Candidate’s Spouse Can Derail a Physician Recruitment Effort

When recruiting a physician candidate, it can be easy to get caught up in what a great match the candidate is for the opportunity and the community. But when physician recruiters can get swept away in how well a physician would fit in with a practice and the community at large, they can often forget that the practice and community need to also meet the needs of the candidate – and their spouse.

5May, 2015

3 Best Practices for Using Social Media in Physician Recruitment

Many healthcare organizations have begun to use social media for recruitment purposes – and for good reason. Over 73% of americans now have a social media profile, a percentage that has been steadily increasing over the past decade. With the number of social media platforms continually increasing, and with more Americans joining these networks every day, it is becoming ever more important for employers to establish a positive presence online.

30Apr, 2015

6 Traits of Highly Effective Physician Recruiters

Recruiting physicians is something anyone can do, but it takes a specific kind of person to be able to do it well. Between juggling multiple responsibilities and searches, navigating multiple tools, managing disparate personalities and needing to engage and excite prospective candidates on a daily basis, physician recruiters have many demands that need to be handled with care. In order to be successful these recruiters need to have a variety of traits and skills that can enable them to adequately handle these demands. 

28Apr, 2015

5 Problems that Derail Physician Recruitment Assignments

As physician recruiters, we truly love what we do. Speaking to candidates, finding the physician that is the perfect fit, and creating lasting relationships with the individuals we speak to all contribute to a recruiter’s love for their job. But sometimes, certain problems have made particular physician recruitment assignments difficult or unpleasant to work on. Whether it is difficulty communicating, lack of information, or a refusal to bend with the needs of a search, every recruiter has come across at least one recruitment assignment that was completely derailed by unnecessary issues.

23Apr, 2015

6 Reasons to Use Youtube in Physician Recruitment

In the race to find the best physician candidates for a growing number of needs, it is important for physician recruiters to use all the tools at their disposal. One great tool for enhancing physician recruitment efforts is through utilizing youtube. No longer just a repository for silly cat videos, many organizations are utilizing youtube to engage and attract candidates. But why are these organizations utilizing youtube, and why should you? 

21Apr, 2015

3 Best Practices for Texting Physician Candidates

When was the last time you didn’t have you cell phone within arms reach? If you’re like most Americans, you can’t recall the last time you didn’t have your cell phone on you. The same holds true for physicians, which is why more and more physician recruiters are turning to texting for contacting difficult to reach candidates. Not only is texting a great way to reach candidates who are constantly overwhelmed with emails and calls from recruiters, it also can help expedite the process once a physician has become an active candidate.

16Apr, 2015

Can we look Past CV’s in Physician Recruitment?

What would you say if I told you a recruiter interviewed several candidates before ever glancing at their CV? For many in the  recruitment field, this is something completely unheard of, but it’s exactly what Pfizer did recently. Afraid that they were missing out on high quality candidates due to assumptions based on their CV’s, Pfizer threw out the traditional process of posting a detailed job description and using CV’s to weed out poor matches. The result? Pfizer employees were able to identify high quality talent (ranging from completely inexperienced to highly educated veterans) to join their team. 

13Apr, 2015

4 Ways to Improve the Diversity of Candidates in Physician Recruitment

As the number of minorities in the US increases (US Census estimating that minorities are on track to become the majority by 2043), it is becoming increasingly important for employing organizations to recruit minority physicians to better serve this growing segment of the population. Not only do patients who share ethinc and cultural  concordance with their providers indicate higher patient satisfaction scores, but they also tend to experience longer visits and are more likely to adhere to treatment directives.

9Apr, 2015

Attracting Candidates: Physician Recruitment Incentives [infographic]

The marketplace for highly qualified physician candidates has become incredibly competitive. With this increased competition, many healthcare employers find themselves battling over candidates and finding ways to lure these physicians away from the competition. One way many healthcare employers do so is through competitive physician compensation and physician recruitment incentives. But how does a physician recruiter know which recruitment incentives it’s competition is offering, and which ones candidates have come to expect? 

6Apr, 2015

Attracting Candidates: 3 Trends in Physician Recruitment

Healthcare is changing – and physician recruitment is changing with it. Physicians today have become more connected to their colleagues and prospective employers through their devices and applications, and employing organizations have taken notice. In order to reach these physicians where they spend the majority of their time – over 85% of physicians use their mobile devices on a daily basis – healthcare organizations are changing the way they recruit physicians.

2Apr, 2015

4 Signs That Your Physician Recruitment Team Needs an ATS

There is plenty of debate among physician recruitment professionals about the importance (or lack thereof) of having an applicant tracking system (ATS). Whether the concerns are often about cost, automation, and the fear of missing out out a candidate, many recruitment departments fail to truly look at the needs of their organization and see if an Applicant Tracking System could be a much needed solution to their problems. But first, physician recruiters need to examine the issues they are facing and decide if they are ones that could be solved by an ATS.

1Apr, 2015

Ascendo Resources Ranks #4 on Executive Search Firm List

Executive search: It’s all about people.

On April 1st, 2015, the South Florida Business Journal ranked Ascendo Resources as the #4 Top Executive Search Firm in South Florida.

30Mar, 2015

Effects of Generational Differences on Physician Productivity[infographic]

When creating physician manpower plans, it is important for hospitals and health systems to look at not only how many physical providers are needed, but also the productivity needed from those providers. At a time when many physicians are emphasizing work-life balance and flexible schedules, physician recruiters are left wondering how these shifts will affect their physician recruitment needs. 

26Mar, 2015

3 Reasons to Maintain Relationships with Physician Candidates

All too often, recruiters fail to maintain relationships with excellent physician candidates who, for one reason or another, did not work out for a specific opportunity. While it might seem to make sense to not waste time or mental energy on a candidate that your organization didn’t hire, maintaining these relationships can pay big dividends in the long run. 

23Mar, 2015

Physician Recruitment: Selling the Community [infographic]

Recent surveys have shown that most physicians will relocate at least twice in their career. While the main reason for physician relocation is proximity to family and friends, other reasons for relocation leave oppportunities for savvy recruiters to leverage what their community has to offer to attract candidates. But how does a recruiter sell the community to prospective candidates? And should the same selling points be given to all candidates? Check out the below infographic to learn how to use your community as a key part of your physician recruitment strategy.

19Mar, 2015

5 Ways Private Practices Can Thrive in a Changing Healthcare Landscape

As the healthcare industry has evolved due to a variety of factors, the process of acquisition of private practices by hospitals and large health systems has become a common process. These larger organizations, with their administrative and technological resources, were more readily able to enact the changes necessary to comply with the Affordable Care Act. Many affiliated practices, unable to react as numbly as these large health systems, were quickly acquired by these same health systems as the practices sought the support of these larger networks and the sytems sough greater market share.

16Mar, 2015

Challenges to Physician Retention-And What You Can Do [infographic]

Competition for qualified physicians has already begun to increase, but the physician shortage isn’t the only reason. Since 2009, the turnover rate for physicians has steadily increased and will likely get worse as an aging physician population begins to retire. But just how difficult is the situation with physician retention? And what can we do decrease turnover rates?
See the below infographic for some key statistics about physician retention and what practices and organizations can do to decrease turnover. 

12Mar, 2015

Recruitment Benefits of Working with a Physician Relocation Specialist

Moving is always stressful, but relocating to a new city or state for an opportunity can add an extra level of anxiety to a new hire. This stress is often added on to a physician’s already hectic schedule as they try to leave everything in order before departing for their next opportunity. This stress and anxiety caused by the relocation can leave the physician feeling drained and mentally exhausted when they arrive at their destination, resulting in them being unable to hit the ground running in their new position.

9Mar, 2015

Affiliate Recruitment: 4 Mistakes for Physician Recruiters to Avoid

Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with affiliate practices is key for many health systems’ continued growth and success. Strong relationships with these affiliate practices can do more than just improve a health system’s bottom line – it can improve a health system’s reputation in the community. One way many health systems are strengthening relationships with affiliate practices is through affiliate recruitment. When done correctly, this can further align the practice with the health system. But when done incorrectly, the assisting health system can damage their reputation and relationship with the practice.
Below are four mistakes physician recruiters should avoid when recruiting a physician to an affiliate practice.

2Mar, 2015

4 Common Missed Opportunities for Mobile Physician Recruitment

It’s no secret that people today are constantly glued to their mobile devices. Whether it’s to check their email, engage in social media, or even look for new opportunities, the average American spends nearly three hours every day on their mobile devices. And physicians are no exception, with over 85% of physicians utilizing mobile devices on a daily basis.
With so many prospective candidates focusing their attention on their mobile devices, it is more important than ever for recruiters to have a mobile physician recruitment strategy. But while making sure your recruitment strategy is optimized for mobile can improve a recruiter’s chances in sourcing and recruiting the right candidate for a position, many recruiters are missing out on the benefits of mobile recruitment. Below are 3 common missed opportunities for mobile physician recruitment.

23Feb, 2015

Ascendo Resources Opens New Office in Chicago

CHICAGO, Feb. 23, 2015- Ascendo Resources, an award-winning executive sourcing firm that places accounting, finance, banking, compliance, healthcare, IT, HR & administrative professionals in the best workplaces, has opened a new office in Chicago at […]

23Feb, 2015

Physician Recruitment Challenges to Urgent Care Center Growth

The looming shortage of primary care physicians has been well documented. With the number of insured Americans increasing, the need for primary care physicians is exploding – but the supply is not keeping up with the demand.  This dearth of Internist and Family Medicine physicians isn’t just impacting traditional primary care, its also impacting Urgent Care centers throughout the country.

16Feb, 2015

3 Reasons Physician Candidates Are Turning Down Your Offers

The site visit is complete, the offer is on the table, and it seems like your ideal physician candidate will be taking a position with your organization. And then the candidate lets you know that they have decided to decline your offer. After getting so close to bringing on this physician, many physician recruiters are left wondering what could have gone wrong. While there are many factors that can contribute to a candidate declining your offer, there are three reasons that can and should be avoided when recruiting a new physician.

12Feb, 2015

Local Physician Candidates:3 Reasons They Aren’t Applying to Your Jobs

For many physician recruiters, the ideal candidate is often one that is right in there backyard, quietly working for the competition and being a generally fantastic healthcare provider. But oftentimes this is exactly the type of candidate that doesn’t respond to a physician recruiter’s advertisements, emails, and/or calls. While it may be that the physician isn’t responding because they are truly happy in their current position, many times it is another reason holding them back. 

10Feb, 2015

Ascendo made the Top 10 Temporary Personnel and Staffing Agencies List

Ranked by 2014 billings by the South Florida Business Journal.

9Feb, 2015

Challenges Facing Oncology Physician Recruitment [infographic]

The shortage of primary care physicians has been well documented, but primary care is not the only specialty facing a looming shortage. As our country’s population continues to age, the demand for oncologists will continue to grow. But will the supply of oncology providers be able to meet the growing demand? See the infographic below for more information on the various challenges facing oncology physician recruitment now and in the future.


5Feb, 2015

The Initial Screening Questions You Should Ask Physician Candidates

Part 2
The initial candidate screening is about more than just understanding why a candidate is looking for a new opportunity. When done correctly, an initial screening can also give a physician recruiter insight into whether or not a potential candidate has any significant red flags that would be a roadblock to recruitment.

2Feb, 2015

Screening Questions Physician Recruiters Aren’t Asking – But Should Be

Part 1
When recruiting physicians for any practice opportunity, it is crucial for physician recruiters to thoroughly screen candidates. Whether it’s trying to spot red flags, checking for cultural fit, or screening for emotional intelligence, they are some key screening questions that will give recruiters valuable insight into a candidate.

29Jan, 2015

Overcoming Challenges in Private Practice Physician Recruitment

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has caused major changes in healthcare, one of which has been physicians’ increased preference for employed practice opportunities. As these physicians, many of them recent graduates, continue to flock to hospital-employed opportunities, it has become increasingly difficult for private practices to recruit additional physicians.

26Jan, 2015

5 Ways to Improve Your Physician Recruitment Emails

How often do you check your email? Chances are that it’s at least once a day. Studies show that over 92% who go online do so to engage in email, and 58% of people check their email first thing in the morning. As part of a comprehensive candidate sourcing strategy, email can be a huge source of candidates for your opportunities. But how do you make sure that your physician recruitment emails are not only getting opened, but also driving physician candidates to respond?

22Jan, 2015

How to Write a Physician Job Description that Gets Responses in 7 Steps

We’ve all seen it: an enthusiastic physician recruiter creates and executes a comprehensive physician recruitment marketing strategy, but somehow can’t manage to generate any interest. Many times the problem isn’t where they’re advertising the opportunity – it’s what the advertisements say. Whether it’s dense paragraphs of information, a lack of a candidate centric approach, or just a job description that is far too generic, an ineffective physician job description can seriously handicap a physician recruitment effort.

19Jan, 2015

On the Move: Top 4 Reasons for Physician Relocation

Whether they are dissatisfied with their current practice location or are tired of the administrative responsibilities that come with private practice, each physician’s decision to seek out greener pastures is a very important and personal choice. Now, with many more physicians pursuing improved quality of life and financial stability in a changing healthcare landscape, physicians are becoming more likely to consider a move. […]

15Jan, 2015

3 Things NP Job Satisfaction Teaches Us About Physician Recruitment

A recent study conducted by the American Association of Medical Colleges came up with a shocking discovery. Many Primary Care Physicians today are recommending careers in medicine – but not as physicians. The survey instead states that many of these primary care physicians, dissatisfied with their current positions, would recommend a career as a Nurse Practitioner to a qualified college student but would not recommend a career as a physician. This is in spite of the widespread knowledge among respondents of a Primary Care physician shortage. Primary Care Nurse Practitioners on the other hand overwhelmingly reported a high degree of satisfaction with their positions, with 88% stating they would recommend a career as a Nurse Practitioner. 
So how can we use this data to improve our Primary Care Physician recruitment & Retention? Below are three things that influence the satisfaction of Nurse Practitioners – and how you can use them to attract top physician talent.


12Jan, 2015

Ascendo Resources Opens New Office in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 12, 2015- Ascendo Resources, an award-winning executive sourcing firm that places accounting, finance, banking, compliance, healthcare, IT, HR & administrative professionals in the best workplaces, has opened a new office in Philadelphia at […]

12Jan, 2015

5 Ways of Using Pinterest for Physician Recruitment

When most people think about Pinterest, they don’t generally think of it as a tool for the physician recruitment process. While Pinterest has traditionally been used to share recipes and fashion choices, there are many ways that recruiters in the healthcare field can leverage the site to enhance their recruitment process, especially when recruiting physicians who would be relocating to the area.
Here are five ways that recruiters can utilize Pinterest to help sell their practices and communities to prospective candidates.

5Jan, 2015

Creating the Perfect Physician Recruitment Postcard[infographic]

Direct mail is still a great way to source passive physician candidates for a physician recruitment effort, and self mailers (commonly known as postcards) are a great way to reap the benefits of a direct mail campaign on a budget. But in order to get the results you want, you need to follow a few best practices when creating your postcard layout and design. Below are some best practices to help you create a postcard that will generate the responses you need.

29Dec, 2014

20 Years & Still Growing: Changes in Physician Recruitment


22Dec, 2014

3 Ways the ‘End Around’ Harms the Physician Recruitment Process

When your in a position to recruit highly qualified physicians, your reputation can make or break your ability to succeed. But it’s not only your reputation with prospective candidates that matters – your reputation among your fellow in-house and third party recruiters is important as well. One of the fastest ways to harm your reputation among your peers is to violate the National Association of Physician Recruiters’ code of ethics, and one of the easiest ways to violate it is with the end around.
Oftentimes this is done when an in-house recruiter purchases or has access to a list of physicians. Rather than contact them directly, the recruiter may wait to see if a third party recruiter they partner with refers one of the physicians on the list for a position. The in-house recruiter then claims they were already aware of the candidate, and goes on to contact them now that they know that the candidate is interested in the position.  Not only is this dishonest, but it can have the following reprucussions that can place a recruiter’s ability to fill an open position in jeopardy.

18Dec, 2014

4 Ways Recruiter Site Visits Can Improve Physician Recruitment Success

Anyone can tell you that being on the ground floor in a recruitment process is a key to success, yet many recruiters (both in-house and third party) don’t take the time to see what a specific practice’s needs and culture are truly like. In order for a recruitment process to be successful, it is key for a recruiter to make contact and get to know the individual practice that they are recruiting for. 

15Dec, 2014

6 Ways In-House Recruiters Can Adapt to Increased Workloads

A recent survey conducted by the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR) has shown than the vast majority of in-house recruiters are becoming increasingly stretched thin. In 2014, over 68% of respondents indicated that they were responsible for for a median number of 15 searches over the course of a year, with over 48% indicating that they anticipate an increase in the volume of searches over the next year. As it is, recruiters are finding it difficult to fill the searches they are currently responsible for due in large part to the scarcity of qualified talent, so how can they take on additional searches successfully?

11Dec, 2014

Drafting a Physician Contract? 4 Things to Get Right to Close the Deal

The site visits are completed, the verdict is in, and your practice is ready to make a formal offer to an outstanding physician candidate who you believe will be the perfect addition to your team. While the feelings of both parties might make this hire seem like a sure thing, the deal is far from done. At this point, it is up to the employer to sell the prospective candidate on how and  why practicing as part of their team will be beneficial – and the physician contract is one way to show them. “A contract is a sales document” says Roger Bonds of the American Academy of Medical Management. It is in the employer’s best interest to get the following sections right to make sure that they not only seal the deal with a prospective physician candidate, but also increase the likelihood that they will stay on long term. […]

8Dec, 2014

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead: 4 Direct Mail Myths in Physician Recruitment

In physician recruitment, it is well documented that less than a quarter of possible candidates are actively or aggresively seeking new employment, leaving over 75% of candidates who aren’t actively scanning job boards or journal ads for new opportunities. With that knowledge, the question of how to reach these candidates has persisted. For years, the answers have ranged from referrals to direct mail, but the aggresive use of of both as part of a recruitment marketing strategy has significantly declined over the years.

4Dec, 2014

3 Reasons to Follow Up With Rejected Physician Candidates

Recruiters today, both in-house and third party, have gotten a bad reputation among physician candidates. Whether it is getting a barrage of emails for locations they have no interest in or getting calls at their place of work, candidates are often less than pleased with many healthcare recruiters. But even when these annoyances are avoided, most recruiters are guilty of every candidate’s greatest pet peeve: never knowing when they are no longer under consideration for an open position. […]

1Dec, 2014

Tis the Season:Winter Marketing & Advertising for Physician Recruitment

When you think about holiday marketing and advertising initiatives, the first industry that comes to mind is generally not physician recruitment. The traditional wisdom is that the holiday season is not a time of rapid movement in physician recruitment. With many of the decision makers and in house recruiters off on vacation, many healthcare employers put their recruitment initiatives on hold during the holidays. But this is possibly the worst mistake a healthcare employer can make. 

24Nov, 2014

6 Useful Resources for Physician Recruiters from Around the Web

 For a Physician Recruiter, the more information and resources available to you, the better. Whether it’s deciding what a competitive offer is for your region, finding candidates that fit specific demographic criteria, or judging how busy a new physician will likely be in a given market, the information and resources a recruiter has available to him/her can greatly affect the success of a physician recruitment effort. 

Below are 6 useful resources (both free and paid) for physician recruiters for around the web.


20Nov, 2014

The MD/MBA: 3 Signs That You Should Recruit a Physician MBA

Business savvy physicians have long been a fixture in healthcare, serving as hospital leaders or running their own practices. Now, the rise of joint MD/MBA programs across the country are seeking to help train and prepare physicians for leadership positions in practices and health systems across the country. With the face of healthcare changing drastically, and with many of the problems it’s facing concentrated on the business side, physicians who choose to pursue a joint MD/MBA degree are poised to take leadership positions across the country.
But how much of an advantage does a dual degree give a candidate? And is hiring a physician with an MBA really necessary for a position? Below are 3 examples of when searching specifically for a physician with an MBA as part of your physician recruitment strategy can not only enhance the way care is delivered, but also make a financial difference for the practice.

17Nov, 2014

How to Leave Better Voicemails for Physician Candidates[infographic]

Many individuals choose not to leave voicemails when calling prospective candidates who may not be aware of their opportunity. The reasons usually revolve around the lack of call backs they receive when they do leave a voicemail. But when done correctly, voicemails can be a very effective part of a complete physician recruitment strategy. 
Follow the best practices in the infographic below to start leaving better voicemails for candidates and increase your chances of getting a call back.

14Nov, 2014

Charlotte Observer on Ascendo’s new office move

Staffing firm says banking biz growth created need for bigger offices
By Deon Roberts

Staffing company Ascendo Resources has relocated its Charlotte operation to a larger office, a move the company says was largely driven by growth in […]

12Nov, 2014

Ascendo Resources Opens New Charlotte Office

CHARLOTTE, Nov. 12, 2014- Ascendo Resources, an award-winning executive sourcing firm that places accounting, finance, banking, compliance, healthcare, IT, HR & administrative professionals in the best workplaces, has opened a new 2,500-square-foot office in Charlotte […]

10Nov, 2014

Making the 6 Seconds Count: Scanning Physician CV’s the Right Way

Going through a stack of candidate CV’s can be tedius. That is why many experienced physician recruitment professionals will spend just 6 seconds scanning a candidate’s CV to immediately rule them in or out. This can be very useful, especially when the recruiter knows exactly the type of training and experience they’re looking for. But while this initial scan can help you immediately rule candidates in or out, there are additional red flags that the savvy recruiter needs to keep an eye out for and make a note of to discuss with the candidate during the interview process. […]

6Nov, 2014

Manpower Planning: A Tool in Your Physician Recruitment Arsenal

In physician recruitment, time is usually a precious resource. Hiring physicians for a new practice set to open on a specific date, or to replace a departing physician places additional stress on the recruitment process and can result in hiring a provider that may not be a perfect fit.  But when given enough time, physician recruiters can make sure that new hires are extensively vetted and fully aligned with an organization’s mission and values. This is  why manpower planning for the long term is so important for physician recruitment. By being able to forecast when your organization will need physicians, a recruiter can begin to source candidates and develop relationships years ahead of the projected need. 

3Nov, 2014

4 Ways to Screen Physician Candidates for Emotional Intelligence

The Affordable Care Act brought many changes to healthcare when it was finally implemented. From changing how care was delivered to how it was paid for and reimbursed, the ACA has forever changed the field of healthcare in the United States. One such way that it has affected healthcare was in the emphasis placed on patient satisfaction. Under the Affordable Care Act, the quality rating hospitals receive will be based at least in part on patient satisfaction. Because of this, it is now more important than ever that hospitals and health systems ensure that the physicians they recruit have a high emotional intelligence (EQ), which usually translates to more compassionate and empathetic patient care. But how do physician recruiters screen physician candidates for emotional intelligence? Below are four ways recruiters can spot high performing, emotionally intelligent physicians during the interview process.

30Oct, 2014

3 Ways Telemedicine Can Help Ease the Stress on Physician Recruitment

Telemedicine has been used by hospitals and health systems for well over a decade now. With the widespread adoption of Electronic Medical Records, physicians are becoming more comfortable utilizing technology in order to better deliver care to their patients. While the use of technology in medicine had often been viewed through the lens of providing more and/or better care, this same technology can also be viewed as helping to ease the effects of the physician shortage in many areas and specialties. This can be seen most in the adoption of telemedicine, and it’s use can help ease the stress on physician recruitment in times of physician shortage in the three following ways:

27Oct, 2014

Candidate Sourcing Success, Tracking, and the Rule Of Three

Recruiting the right physician or advanced practice provider to your practice involves a lot of moving parts, including managing candidate sourcing tools and opportunity marketing channels. Whether its choosing which marketing channels to promote their opportunity on or what type of candidates to target, the decisions a recruiter makes during the recruitment process can make or break a recruitment effort. In order to ensure the success of a healthcare recruitment effort, it is important that recruiters choose their tools and resources wisely, and make sure that they track how each one contributed to every unique recruitment effort.

24Oct, 2014

Placement: Neurology Physician in the Mid-Atlantic

MDR HealthCare Search has recently placed a Primary Care physician in the Mid-Atlantic!

23Oct, 2014

Physician Recruitment & Retention in Correctional Medicine

Correctional medicine has a long, complicated history that has resulted in a negative reputation of both the field and those who chose to practice it. For quite some time, physicians in correctional facilities have been viewed as physicians who were unable to secure an opportunity anywhere else, a view that has been compounded by states such as Texas that have allowed physicians who are otherwise unable to practice due to loss of license to practice medicine in the prison system. Because of this negative reputation, many correctional facilities have difficulty recruiting and retaining quality physicians. Some common misconceptions include:

22Oct, 2014

Ascendo quoted in CMSWire.com

How to Source and Interview Information Technology Managers
By John Rossheim

Are you looking to hire a information technology manager?

These recruiter tips will help you source and interview the IT talent you need.

How to Source Information Technology Managers:

Given their […]

20Oct, 2014

The Role of Non-Physician Providers in a Recruitment Strategy

For many people visiting their primary care provider today, a large amount of their time in the office won’t be spent interacting with a physician. Instead, many practices are increasing their utilization of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in their practices to relieve some of the pressure on physicians. As the demand for primary care providers outpaces the supply of primary care physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are stepping in to fill those gaps. 


17Oct, 2014

Placement: Internal Medicine Physician


MDR HealthCare Search has recently placed a Primary Care physician in the Mid-Atlantic!

16Oct, 2014

The Importance of Timing in the Physician Recruitment Process

An effective physician recruitment effort owes quite a bit of its success to timing. Finding the right candidate when they’re ready to begin looking for their next opportunity, or having a need become apparent during a peak recruitment season, can both be helpful in filling an opening with the right candidate at the right time.
With the vast majority of physicians completing their training on set schedules and then going on to sign employment contracts in set intervals (generally 12, 24, or 36 months), there are times throughout the year where there seem to be a plethora of candidates and others where there are very few. In addition to quantity, the time of year can greatly affect the type of candidate that you will likely have access to, including things such as experience level, availability, and a host of other factors.

14Oct, 2014

Ascendo Resources Opens New Atlanta Office

ATLANTA, Oct. 14, 2014- Ascendo Resources, an award-winning executive sourcing firm that places accounting, finance, banking, compliance, healthcare, IT, HR & administrative professionals in the best workplaces, has opened a new 2,700-square-foot office in Atlanta […]

13Oct, 2014

Top 5 Warning Signs Your Candidate Site Visit is Just a Free Trip

So you are recruiting physicians and other health care providers for a very popular location. Congratulations – you are in the enviable position of having a large pool of candidates who would prefer to practice where your opportunities are located. But this large natural market has a downside: sometimes, candidates will come out for a site visit and allow you to woo them when they have no intention of joining your hospital or group practice. 

10Oct, 2014

Ascendo gives Monster.com advise on How to Hire Right the First Time

How to Improve Staffing Results: An Agency Perspective
By John Rossheim

What do staffing agencies want from their clients? A little respect, sure. But what the best firms want most of all is more effective relationships with their […]

6Oct, 2014

Physician Recruitment and Responsive Design [inforgraphic]

The move towards mobile applications and responsive design has largely been led by companies looking for more ways to sell to consumers. But as people spend more time on their tablets and phones, it has become increasingly important for healthcare employers to make sure they have a mobile strategy in place for bringing on physicians and advanced practice providers. In the infographic below, you’ll find statistics that show healthcare providers as a whole are spending more time on their mobile devices – and actively using them to search for job opportunities.

2Oct, 2014

Top 5 Tips for Conducting a Candidate Site Visit

So  you’ve found a candidate that you think would be an excellent addition to your team. They’ve had phone and/or skype interviews with all the decision makers and you’ve invited them to come for a candidate site visit. At this point, the candidate has entered the red zone and what you do from here on out can cause the candidate to either join your team enthusiastically or run for the hills. To make sure their visit has them seeing your practice in a positive light, follow these 5 tips:

1Oct, 2014

Why seasoned I.T. workers could be a big plus

Are You Too Old to Work in Tech? IT’s Midlife Crisis
October 2014- Managing Director, Eli Halabu explains why seasoned I.T. workers could be a big plus.

IT has the reputation of being a young person’s game.

Average […]

1Oct, 2014

Ascendo Resources is one the Best Companies to Work in Florida

MIAMI, Oct. 2014 – Ascendo Resources listed in Florida’s Best Companies to Work for, ranked by 2013 South Florida billings. See our ranking in Florida Trend.

30Sep, 2014

Ascendo quoted in Monster.com on how to source candidates

How to Source and Interview Information Technology Managers
By John Rossheim

Are you looking to hire a information technology manager?

These recruiter tips will help you source and interview the IT talent you need.

How to Source Information Technology Managers:

Given their […]

29Sep, 2014

Concierge Medicine Grows in Popularity Among Physicians and Patients

As an increasing number of American’s are getting access to affordable health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, more and more physicians are choosing to restrict which types of insurance to accept – with some no longer accepting insurance at all. While some of these physicians have moved strictly to a direct pay model, others are moving towards Concierge Medicine. For a monthly subscription fee, these physicians offer patients same day appointments, cell phone access, email and telemedicine service, care coordination, and sometimes even house calls. 

25Sep, 2014

D.O.s: An Key Part of a Complete Recruitment Strategy[Infographic]

The shortage of Primary Care physicians in the United States is an issue that has been discussed time and again. While the need for qualified Primary Care physicians is higher than it has ever been, many employers are still shying away from hiring one of the fastest growing  segments of healthcare providers – Osteopathic physicians. While their M.D. counterparts are moving away from primary care practice and serving in rural and underserved areas, an overwhelming majority of D.O.s are entering the primary care field, and a higher percentage of them are also choosing to practice in rural and underserved communities.

22Sep, 2014

What You Need to Know About Independent Practice Associations (IPAs)

Over the past decade, healthcare employers have seen movement of physicians from solo and independent practice models towards the employed practice model. As the risks associated with the traditional “physician as entrepreneur” model have increased, many physicians are choosing to forgo the autonomy of solo or independent practices for the financial security and administrative support offered by large hospitals and health systems seeking to employ an ever growing number of physicians. This trend has only been accelerated with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which has introduced additional red tape and requirements to an already dwindling number of independent practitioners.

18Sep, 2014

Physician Recruitment & Retention for Physicians of All Generations

The Role of the Generational Divide in Physician Recruitment & Retention

There are many factors that influence why a physician chooses to look for a new opportunity or stay in their current position. Whether it be a life change, a career opportunity, or a desire to be close to family and friends, the reasons physicians choose to stay or go are varied. While each individual physician has unique motivating factors, key generational differences can help recruitment and retention professionals understand and delight the physicians they seek to employ and keep on board. 

11Sep, 2014

Ethics & Their Role in Successful Physician Recruitment

In-House and Agency Recruiters today are often maligned by candidates and employers alike. Whether candidate confidentiality was compromised, opportunities misrepresented, candidates poorly screened, or any of a host of other common complaints, there is no shortage of Recruiter horror stories out there. Unfortunately, this is a case of a few bad eggs ruining the reputation of the entire field. 

8Sep, 2014

Challenges in Physician Recruitment for Faith Based Organizations

For many organizations, finding the right physician to join their team is no easy feat. Between finding a candidate that will be a cultural fit and competing with other organizations, getting the right candidate to join – and stay – with an organization is more difficult than ever. However, for faith based health systems, this process becomes even more difficult. Being a mission driven health system or hospital with restrictions on the range of procedures and trials some physician specialists can offer, faith based healthcare systems often have an extra step to go through in sourcing and interviewing candidates.

5Sep, 2014

Ascendo quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Careers section

At Work: Cutting Down on Résumé Liars
By Melissa Korn

Résumé liars, beware: your days may be numbered.

When a top spokesman for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. WMT -0.55% resigned earlier this month after the company discovered he had […]

4Sep, 2014

The Biggest Myth About Physician Retention

In an average week, over half of all practicing physicians receive three or more solicitations for new opportunities. Whether for competing practices in the same community or on the other side of the country, the competition for top talent has made it increasingly difficult for many hospitals and health systems to retain their highest performing physicians. In an effort to combat this, many employers have developed physician retention programs aimed at keeping their physicians engaged and fulfilled at work. Despite this, few employers fail to see the crucial role that recruitment plays in the retention of top talent, often thinking that physician recruitment and physician retention are two separate issues. While many practices may believe this, the fact is that the best retention strategy begins in the earliest stages of the recruitment process.

2Sep, 2014

10 Mistakes Recruiters Make During the Physician Recruitment Process

Avoid these Mistakes & Reach Your Physician Recruitment Goals

In 2013, 33% of all open positions went  unfilled at hospitals and health systems throughout the country. As physician and allied health openings continue to stay open for longer, many practices and organizations are feeling the pressure of increased competition for an ever shallower pool of candidates. With competition for top talent in the Healthcare industry at record highs, recruiters cannot afford to make any mistakes during the physician recruitment process. But time and time again, we see recruiters making the mistakes that sabotage a recruitment process. 
To make sure your organization doesn’t lose out on the right candidate, make sure to avoid these 10 mistakes:

28Aug, 2014

Neurohospitalists: Their Rise and Impact of the Field

Over the past several decades, the field of Neurology has evolved significantly. Along with many other specialties, an increasing amount of Neurological care has been moved to an outpatient setting in an effort to reduce costs. As the demand for Neurological care has grown, many outpatient Neurologists have become stretched thin seeing a high volume of patients in an office setting. Many of these Neurologists have in turn ceased to take emergency call due to increasing demands and diminishing returns. Unfortunately, the decline in outpatient Neurologists willing to take emergency call has not lessened the overwhelming number of patients that continue to present to emergency departments with neurological emergencies. As a solution to this issue, the field of Neurohospitalist medicine has gained popularity.

25Aug, 2014

Ascendo quoted in Counselor Magazine

Download the PDF of the magazine to view the story.

25Aug, 2014

Breakdowns in Communication Pose a Challenge to Physician Recruitment

It is not uncommon during the physician recruitment process for employers to lose out on what seemed to be the perfect candidate. While in some cases it seems as if there is little an employer can do to avoid this situation, there are many times when lack of communication has directly contributed to the loss of a candidate. Open lines of communication, timely feedback, and accuracy of information provided are all key factors to not only hiring the right physician for the job, but ensuring that they stay with your organization long term.

21Aug, 2014

Top 5 Signs You Need to Hire a Physician Recruitment Firm

With the state of healthcare recruitement today, it is easy for in-house recruiters and administrators to become frustrated. You’ve seemingly tried everything to find the right candidate, but somehow none of the candidates you’ve managed to source have been a fit. Depending on your circumstances, it might be time to hire a physician recruitment firm. Here are some signs that your physician recruitment assignment might benefit from the use of a third party firm:

18Aug, 2014

Navigating Search Politics in Physician Staffing & Recruitment

It’s monday morning and a physician search request has come across your desk. A highly productive Obstetrician within your organization has given their notice. In order to minimize the impact on revenue their departure will create, it is essential to find a replacement as quickly as possible. While all involved can agree that a new physician must be sourced and on boarded quickly and at little cost, the ideal candidate’s qualifications and what will need to be done to get that candidate are often areas of contention. In order to ensure the success of the recruitment effort, it is essential to follow certain steps to get all interested parties on the same page. 

15Aug, 2014

Conducting a Stellar Skype Interview: Tips for Employers [Infographic]

As more and more employers begin using video and phone interviews to assess candidates prior to a site visit, it has become more important than ever for employers to do everything in their power to make sure that the candidate screening process is as pleasant and effective as possible. After all, healthcare systems and groups are competing for candidates in an increasingly smaller pool. 

12Aug, 2014

Ascendo quoted in Dice.com article

Opportunities Expand for Program Managers
By Myra Thomas

As more companies look to better manage costs and align strategy across multiple tech projects, the role of program manager is gaining notice and becoming better-defined. And for some […]

11Aug, 2014

5 Best Reasons to Conduct a Skype Interview with a Physician Candidate

New advances in technology have helped the delivery of healthcare grow by leaps and bounds. While many physcians and healthcare administrators have embraced new technologies that enable providers to deliver care more effectively, many have not yet embraced these new tools in the recruitment sphere.


One of the best tools at the disposal of practice administrators and physican recruiters during the interview process is the Skype interview. These interviews are effective, efficient, and informative for both candidates and employers for the following reasons:


7Aug, 2014

Rural Physician Recruitment: Beating the Odds

The Association of Medical Colleges estimates that the United States will experience a shortage of 136,000 physicians by 2025. While this poses a problem for healthcare employers around the country, this shortage will be more acutely felt at rural health facilities. With only 4.8 percent of new physicians practicing in Rural areas, which comprise 25 percent of the U.S. population, the shortage in rural areas requires significant attention.

5Aug, 2014

Placement: Family Medicine Physcian


MDR HealthCare Search has recently placed a Primary Care physician in the Mid-Atlantic!

4Aug, 2014

Medical Education: The Great Predictor of Physician Practice Location

It isn’t easy to predict where a physcian will end up after they complete their medical education. A variety of factors, from family location to where their spouse has found employment can change where a physcian chooses to practice seemingly overnight.  While this is sometimes the case, the Association of American Medical College has found that one of the greatest predictors of where a physican will ultimately practice is where they completed their undergraduate and graduate medical education.

1Aug, 2014

Ascendo Earned Position in the 2014 Inc. 500.

MIAMI, Aug. 2014 – “On behalf of all of us at Inc., I am delighted to inform you that Ascendo Resources has earned the position of 435 on the 2014 Inc. 500.”

30Jul, 2014

Oncology Recruitment: A Changing Landscape

Consider the statistics given by the American Cancer Association: currently there are 14.5 million cancer survivors in the United States and this figure is expected to rise given the high prevalence of cancer. By 2024 – just 10 years down the line – the figure is projected at 19 million cancer survivors. As such, oncology recruitment, and that of related specialties, needs to be done at a fast pace to keep up with the demand for oncologists.

28Jul, 2014

The Rise of the Comprehensive Cancer Center

As advancements in the care and treatment of cancer patients is allowing cancer survivors to live longer and fuller lives, the need for coordinated and comprehensive care of this demographic has grown drastically. As a result, the National Cancer Institute has developed a set of criteria used to designate Comprehensive Cancer Centers. These specially designated  Cancer Centers must conduct clinical trials, look into methods of cancer prevention, and engage in cancer laboratory research, as well as offer informational and support services. 

23Jul, 2014

On the Move: Why a Constantly Moving Physician is a Red Flag

In the U.S., it has become increasingly common for a physician to relocate to practice at least once during their career. In fact, the New Englad Journal of Medicine reports that about 40% of newly practicing physicians choose to leave their intitial practice opportunity within two (2) years. Whether to pursue a particularly fantastic opportunity, receive specialized training in another area, receive visa sponsorship, or move closer to family and friends, these moves often have a strong motivating factor behind them that would contribute to them being a key part of your team should you bring them on board. 


9Jul, 2014

Ascendo: Top 10 Biggest Percent Growth

MIAMI, July 2014 – Ascendo ranks in the South Florida Business Journal’s list of top 10 biggest percent growth.

1Jun, 2014

Ascendo mentioned in Monster.com article

How to Improve Staffing Results: An Agency Perspective
By John Rossheim

What do staffing agencies want from their clients? A little respect, sure. But what the best firms want most of all is more effective relationships with their […]

1Jun, 2014

Ascendo #6 Fastest Growing Company

MIAMI, June 2014 – Ascendo makes “The List” by South Florida Business Journal.

15May, 2014

Ascendo on 5 Ways to Reduce Turnover

How to Source and Interview Information Technology Managers
by Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily Assistant Editor

Filling an open position in your organization is a lot like dating: Once you find the right match, you want to […]

12May, 2014

Miami Herald: Ascendo’s Gus Pena helps employers understand how to avoid a bad hire

Gus Pena’s op-ed in the Miami Herald titled, “How to find the best talent for long term success.”

2May, 2014

Ascendo Resources quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek

How to Hire Right the First Time
By Karen E. Klein

Question: We plan to hire several employees this year. How can we get good people the first time around so we can save time and money […]

29Apr, 2014

Ascendo Resources Receives Top Honors at Feeding South Florida’s Hunger Games Awards Gala

Ascendo Resources, an award-winning executive sourcing firm, was recently named the “Ultimate Hunger Champion” at Feeding South Florida’s™ first annual Hunger Games Gala.

The event honored participants of the “Hunger Games,” Feeding South Florida’s series of […]

10Apr, 2014

Ascendo featured in NCASP Magazine

Interview with Rick Ferretti by Rita Bottoms

1Apr, 2014

Ascendo Climbs the SFBJ Executive Search Firm Rankings

MIAMI, April 2014 – Ascendo Resources ranks in South Florida Business Journal’s list of top South Florida executive search firms.

1Mar, 2014

Ascendo 2014 SFBJ Business of the Year Award Finalist

MIAMI, March 2014 – “Gustavo Peña believes Ascendo Resources, like any successful company, does more than succeed at its business.”

1Mar, 2014

Ascendo Ranked as one of the Top Temporary Personnel & Staffing Agencies

MIAMI, March 2014 – Ascendo Resources makes South Florida Business Journal’s list of top temporary personnel and staffing agencies, ranked by 2013 South Florida billings.

1Nov, 2013

Ascendo opens up Charlotte office

CHARLOTTE, Nov. 2013 – Ascendo is proud to announce the opening of our Charlotte office. Ascendo will now be in a position to better serve our clients and candidates in the region. This increases the total […]

9Oct, 2013

60 Interview Questions

You’ll find in the interview questions below some you are asking already, some you haven’t been but would like to, and others that just don’t fit for your company and your jobs.

Comment on any, or […]

27Sep, 2013

Florida Governor Congratulates Ascendo Resources

MIAMI, Sep. 2013 – “You are to be commended for building a company that has become recognizable within your community.”

27Sep, 2013

Florida Fast 100 – Ascendo #16

MIAMI, Sep. 2013 – Ascendo Resources makes the Florida Fast 100 list.

20Sep, 2013

Ascendo in CEO CFO Magazine Interview

BIO: Eugene Holzer is a CPA, MBA with many years of accounting, financial and staffing industry expertise. Prior to co-founding Ascendo Resources, Gene had worked for two international staffing firms, in the South Florida area. […]

26Aug, 2013

Ascendo earned its position in the 2013 Inc. 500 – 5000 List

NEW YORK, Aug. 2013 – “On behalf of Inc., I am delighted to inform you that Ascendo Resources has earned the position of 852 on the 2013 Inc. 5000.”

1Aug, 2013

Ascendo Ranked as one of the Best Companies to Work For in Florida

MIAMI, July 2013 – Ascendo Resources ranked in Florida’s Best Companies to Work for 2013 list.

1Jun, 2013

Ascendo opens up Atlanta office

ATLANTA, June 2013 – Ascendo is proud to announce the opening of our Atlanta office. Ascendo will now be in a position to better serve our clients and candidates in the region. This increases the […]

31May, 2013

Ascendo Top 10 Fastest-Growing Companies

MIAMI, Aug. 2014 – “On behalf of all of us at Inc., I am delighted to inform you that Ascendo Resources has earned the position of 435 on the 2014 Inc. 500.”

15May, 2013

Ascendo quoted in South Florida Business Journal: Advice from CEOs Article

Fastest-growing companies: Advice from CEOs – Part 1
By Gilberto Medina

The Business Journal asked some of the top executives of the region’s fastest-growing companies: What is your best advice for quickly growing a business in South Florida? […]

1May, 2013

Basic Interview Technique: “The Structured Approach”

The goal of any interview is to get an offer. If you have an Offer, you have a choice. No offer, No choice.
There are 5 Main Parts of an Interview

The Introduction
Gathering Information
Selling yourself
Answering Tough Questions
Wrapping […]

1May, 2013

Hiring Right: How Businesses Can Find the Best Talent for Long-term Success

For South Florida companies, the news of an expanding economy is extremely positive. According to recent data, Florida led the nation in new job creation in March, adding a total of 22,900 positions. As businesses […]

1May, 2013

Counteroffer Truths

You have been approached by another company and offered a position with growth potential and a moderate increase in compensation. You have analyzed and agonized over the decision to leave your job for what could […]

26Apr, 2013

Ascendo Top 10 Executive Search Firms by Revenue

MIAMI, April 2013 – Ascendo Resources ranks in South Florida Business Journal’s list of top 25 executive search firms by revenue.

9Mar, 2013

Inside South Florida interviews Ascendo

Do’s and Don’ts for job seekers

Eugene Holzer, Managing Partner, was interviewed by Inside South Florida regarding the do’s and don’ts for landing your dream job.

5Mar, 2013

Ascendo quoted in South Florida Business Journal article

Hugo Chavez’s death draws quick reaction in South Florida
By South Florida Business Journal

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has died after a lengthy battle with cancer, the Venezuelan government announced. He was 58.

His death resonates in South […]

25Feb, 2013

Ascendo receives award for Top Minority-Owned Business

MIAMI, Feb. 2013 – Ascendo Resources has been selected by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce as one of South Florida’s 2013 Top Minority Business. The Award was featured in the Miami Herald South Florida […]

9Dec, 2012

Ascendo quoted in WSJ.com article

New Job Offer? Better Check It Out.
By Dennis Nishi

While working as a financial consultant in Miami, William Kaiser was offered a full-time job in the compliance department of one of his bank clients. The […]

7Dec, 2012

Regulators get tougher on BSA/anti-money laundering enforcement Ascendo quoted in South Florida Business Journal

By Brian Bandell

Regulators are targeting banks for Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering violations more aggressively than ever, and account holders can expect more questions from their financial institutions.

The enforcement actions announced Nov. 30 against […]

1Dec, 2012

South Florida Business Report interviews Ascendo

Charles Mehler, Managing Director in the WPB office, was interviewed by the local CBS station. Topics ranged from market conditions, resumes, and Ascendo’s growth in the last 4 years.

1Nov, 2012

Job Hunting Over the Holidays

Companies need temporary assistance: to fill positions created by holiday vacations or to meet year-end demand from customers. Temporary work is better than no work at all and it is an excellent way to show […]

26Oct, 2012

Ascendo Resources expands as the Job Market grows

MIAMI, Oct. 2012 – In 2008, Gustavo Pena and Eugene Holzer, two of the top bank recruiters for large staffing firms in Miami, decided they had had enough of the corporate environment and would partner to […]

9Oct, 2012

Ascendo quoted in Article regarding going back to ex-employer

Guess Who’s Back? Reapplying at an old workplace? Here’s what to consider before making a move.
By Dawn Klingensmith
CTW Features

Sometimes, leaving a job is like breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend: You don’t know […]

5Oct, 2012

Ascendo moves Broward office from Sunrise to Fort Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE, Oct. 2012 – In response to our internal growth, Ascendo Resources hired new team members and relocated its Fort Lauderdale Office from Sunrise to Fort Lauderdale. The larger office will better enable us […]

1Oct, 2012

Ascendo is one of the sponsors at St. Baldrick’s Charity Golf Event

MIAMI, Oct. 2012 – On March 17, 2000, reinsurance executives John Bender, Tim Kenny and Enda McDonnell turned their industry’s St. Patrick’s Day party into a head-shaving event to benefit kids with cancer. Their 20 […]

5Sep, 2012

Ascendo hires 5 recruiters across the 3 offices

MIAMI, Sep. 2012 – The growth continues within Ascendo Resources and its client base. In order to keep the same level of excellence and to be ahead of the curve Ascendo hired 5 new recruiters […]

1Aug, 2012

Ascendo officially launches additional services

MIAMI, Aug. 2012 – Ascendo Resources is proud to announce the addition of three new lines of business: Human Resources, Information Technology and Administrative Services. Concurrently, we expanded of our Financial Services Division managed by […]

1Jun, 2012

“Should I Stay or Should I Go Now”

Some often overlooked reasons whether or not to jump to that next job — taking lessons from other walks of life.
by Gene Holzer and Gus Pena, co-founders, Ascendo Resources

The hiring freeze that resulted from the […]

5Feb, 2012

Ascendo obtains official status of Minority-Owned Business Enterprise

MIAMI, Feb. 2012 – Ascendo Resources is proud to announce its Minority Business Owned Certification by Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (SFMSDC). We certainly support and believe in diversity and are proud of our […]

5Dec, 2011

Ascendo opens up West Palm Beach Office

WEST PALM BEACH, Dec. 2011 – Ascendo is proud to announce the opening of our West Palm Beach office. Ascendo will now be in a position to better serve our clients and candidates in the […]

11Mar, 2011

Ascendo moves Miami office to Coral Gables

MIAMI, March 11, 2011 – In response to client demand, Ascendo Resources hired new team members and relocated its Miami Office from Blue Lagoon to Coral Gables. Our expansion into new industries has created a […]