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Next-Level Culture

We aim to bring on board–and retain–tenacious, inquisitive people fueled by the same entrepreneurial spirit that got us to where we are today. You will be working in an environment full of opportunity, not only for financial growth, but where ideas are valued, experiences are meaningful, and diversity is not only celebrated, but expected.

Form Real Relationships

Our recruiters get the chance to make a real difference to the candidates they work with. They guide candidates, help them find their dream job, and make life-long connections with lasting professional impact. We focus on building healthy relationships with our team through trust and transparency, as much as with our candidates and clients.

Rise with us

Our industry expertise allows us to help you build knowledge in your area of interest, and to apply your own expertise in new ways for greater success. As you learn and grow, so will your compensation, which is uncapped. It’s one of the ways we keep our experts around.

Diversity is our way of life

We aim to bring on board and retain tenacious, inquisitive people fueled by the same entrepreneurial spirit that got us to where we are today. You will be working in an environment full of opportunity, not only for financial growth, but where ideas are valued, experiences are meaningful, and diversity is not only celebrated, but expected.

Our Story

The Ascendo team brings "insider" experience to the table. Team members have held positions with the Big 4, regulatory agencies, global banks, legal industries, prestigious medical groups, and Fortune 500 companies, as CFO, CTO, tax attorneys, traders, underwriters, HR executives, and more. We are professionals - not headhunters or salespeople - and we always do the right thing for the candidate as well as our client. Our team is empowered to act.

We fight the shark tank image of our industry with every successful pairing. We are driven by diversity of culture and of thought. We conduct business in English, Spanish and Portuguese and are a certified minority-owned business. By providing a safe and welcoming environment for all, we ensure fairness, promote inclusivity, and enhance both personal and professional outcomes. It helps us ensure our people are taken care of and love what they do.


We believe in building long-lasting professional relationships. We strive to meet both the candidates' objectives of finding their ideal position and the employer's need to find the best possible resource for their organization.


Our vision is to be an industry leader in recruitment, consulting, and staffing solutions. We do this by building careers and helping businesses grow to the next-level.


  • Accountability
  • Client-focused
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Passion
  • Productivity
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Teamwork


 During my five and a half years with Ascendo, I have experienced personal and professional growth. I have improved my time management and communicationskills. I am now a better communicator and I use my time more efficiently.

Ivan Pulido, Director

 My experience at Ascendo Resources was the best I could have imagined. They were extremely personable, which put me at ease at our very first meeting. They looked at my resume and exuded confidence that my skills and experience would get me a job soon. In fact, I had an interview scheduled right away and they even provided me helpful tips for that interview. They stayed in touch and kept me updated about that job possibility.

Chris, Ascendo Resources Employee

 I have worked for Ascendo for almost three years and have loved every minute. Amazing culture, work, ethics, and growing, growing, growing! They also helped me find my new opportunity, so thank you very much!

Benjamin, Ascendo Resources Employee

 I like working here because I basically can do what I need to do to make money. It’s kind of like, the sky’s the limit with regards to deals and business. We have an open approach to how we can get new clients, which is awesome! You’re pretty much running your own business. Nobody bugs you.

Angie Langlois, Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a day in the life of a recruiter look like?

The responsibilities vary each day which makes work fun! Some tasks include:

  • Managing your calendar
  • Checking and answering emails
  • Sorting through resumes
  • Screening candidates & prepping them for interviews
  • Checking recruiting platforms
  • Advertising job openings
  • Collaborating with hiring managers and fellow recruiters
  • And the best part, extending offers!

Most recruiters share a combination of hard and soft skills that make them effective at their jobs. They are either innate to the recruiter’s personality or are learned and honed over time. Here are some of the top skills we find important:

  • Being target-driven
  • Confident
  • Having strong communication skills
  • Relationship-building experience
  • Some sales experience
  • Patient
  • Time management skills
  • The ability to multitask
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Technology-savvy
  • The ability to work in a team setting

There is no degree in recruiting; therefore, many recruiters come from varying careers and industries. Although an undergraduate degree is not mandatory, it could definitely help catapult you into your recruiter career. To be a recruiter, you must possess or acquire recruiter skills such as sales, communication, time management & problem-solving. Having work experience that directly correlates to those recruiting skills is a value add. There are a number of recruiter certifications that can help you get your foot in the door of a reputable staffing firm. The final step to becoming a recruiter is applying and going through the hiring process. Familiarize yourself with interview questions for recruiters, and get ready to start a very successful and rewarding career!

A career in recruiting can be very rewarding if you are focused and work hard. A recruiter’s salary varies depending on their industry, location, and line of business (temp/perm). Successful placements will guarantee an increase in income and business, as well as referrals from both candidates and clients. At Ascendo, we want all our recruiters to be successful and experience growth. If you would like more information on salaries, please reach out to our Talent Acquisition team.

  1. How would you describe your recruiting style?
  2. How can you contribute to the company?
  3. What is the most significant achievement during your career?
  4. What is your process for setting and achieving goals?


Interviewing allows you to learn about the company, its culture, how they do business, and other important details. While it might be a daunting experience for some, preparing ahead of time, doing research, and practicing Q&As will guarantee a successful interview.

A recruiter is responsible for identifying the most qualified talent to fill job openings for businesses and organizations. The recruiter will review resumes, actively solicit candidates through different platforms, conduct interviews, and introduce companies to the candidates during the interview process. Recruiters also help candidates prepare for interviews, assist them with resumes and cover letters, manage salary negotiations, advise clients on employment issues, stay up to date with labor laws, and share market and industry knowledge. In addition, recruiters advertise jobs, build business relationships, and make the best possible matches between candidates and clients.

A recruiter may work for a staffing agency, for an agency placed internally within a client or for a corporation. There are different levels of expertise when working as a recruiter. After a continued career in recruitment, they can shift towards senior and executive roles positions, management, talent acquisition, headhunting, and other roles. The recruiters may work on a contingency or retained basis. Finally, recruiters can work in a number of different areas or industries depending on their level of expertise.

It is important to understand that recruiters come from all walks of life and varying educational backgrounds and job experiences. Not everyone follows the same approach. However, here are some helpful steps to follow if you have decided to pursue a recruiting career:

Step 1: Earn a degree (not required but very helpful)
Step 2: Possess or gain essential skills such as communication, time-management, problem-solving, sales, etc.
Step 3: Gain relevant experience within the field you’d like to recruit in
Step 4: Obtain certifications that will boost your resume
Step 5: Start building your professional network
Step 6: Apply to recruitment positions at Ascendo Resources

Accounting & Finance – Placing professionals in accounting, finance, and tax positions.
Financial Services – Placing professionals in private banking and wealth management, retail and consumer banking, banking operations, investment and commercial banking, corporate finance, and hedge fund positions.
Compliance & Risk – Placing professionals in BSA, AML, KYC compliance, and risk positions.
Healthcare/Pharmaceutical – Placing a wide range of healthcare professionals ranging from physicians to pharmacists, registered nurses (RNs), travel nurses, nurse practitioners, and much more.
Legal – Placing candidates to fill a variety of legal jobs like attorneys, lawyers, and paralegals. We also specialize in recruiting for a specific area of law, such as corporate law.
Information Technology (IT) – Placing professionals in web and application development, technical support, and management positions. We identify people with technology skills, such as coding, data analytics, and development.
Human Resources (HR) – Placing professionals in HR, payroll, corporate recruiting, and compensation and benefits positions.
Management & Administrative – Placing professionals in clerical, office manager, receptionist, administrative, and customer service positions.

The term recruiter has its own negative connotations. That’s why many staffing firms have shifted from naming their sales staff “recruiters” and branding their recruitment employees with more holistic job titles such as:

Career Consultant
Career Advisor
Assignment Coordinator
Placement Coordinator
Career Development Strategist
Personnel Agent
Personnel Officer
Human Resources Officer
Employment Consultant
Labor Force Advisor
Personnel Agent
Personnel Management Specialist
Placement Consultant
Candidate Attraction Specialist
Talent Officer
Talent Coordinator
Workforce Specialist
Talent Selection Agent
Sourcing Consultant
Talent Consultant
Sourcing Specialist
Sourcing Advisor
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Staff Placement Officer
Staffing Consultant
Staffing Advisor
Recruitment Professional

At Ascendo, we have the following titles within our recruiting team:

Executive Recruiter
Senior Executive Recruiter
Business Development Manager
Recruitment Manager
Managing Director
Talent Acquisition Manager
Staffing Coordinator
Recruiting Coordinator

Recruiters usually divide their work hours among several locations. They research and communicate with candidates and companies while working at desks in office settings. However, they also travel to seek candidates at job fairs and networking events. They go out to meet with companies to interview potential applicants. Generally, most recruiters work full-time during regular business hours (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), although they are flexible with their time to accommodate candidates, clients, and special events. Given the great deal of collaboration with colleagues that’s involved, recruiting offices tend to be an open floor plan, often referred to as a “bullpen.” Offices also have conference areas and meeting rooms to accommodate and give privacy to visitors. Although recruiters have historically worked in office settings, for the most part, technology has made it possible for many to work from home.

With the ability to do most of today’s recruiting tasks via the internet and phone, recruiters now can work remotely as virtual recruiters. Depending on the recruiter’s organization, some recruiters may be partially in the office and partially working from home or fully remote.

As of the onset of the 2020 pandemic, remote work has become more widespread and accepted. As long as recruiters have the technology, self-motivation, and skills required to work from home, many companies may be okay with this arrangement.

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