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Finance & Accounting

Ascendo specializes in placing finance, accounting, and administrative professionals in temporary and project opportunities, as well as direct hire positions.
We leverage our extensive candidate database, professional network, and market knowledge to deliver the right resources, for the right market value.


Ascendo Healthcare is an award-winning national healthcare staffing agency. We provide high quality Nursing and Allied professionals with prestigious service to health systems, acute care, long term care, and skilled nursing facilities across the US.
As an industry leader in healthcare staffing, we have the expertise to consistently serve our clients with the most cost-effective, sought-after talent. Our Next Level partnerships with the industry’s most well-respected healthcare facilities are driven by our core values; so only the highest skilled healthcare professionals join their workforce. Every time. No exceptions.

Financial Services

Ascendo has extensive experience in placing financial services professionals in temporary and project opportunities, as well as direct hire positions. Our team works across the front office and support infrastructure of some of the world's leading financial services firms.
This includes specialized placements in niche areas such as: private banking & wealth management, asset management, investment banking, sales and trading, finance, accounting & operations, alternative investments & private equity, insurance, legal, risk & compliance.


Ascendo specializes in providing top talent for the consulting industry. Our unique approach combines specialized talent acquisition, robust recruiting strategies, and comprehensive consulting and sourcing services to deliver tangible value, contributing to the success of our clients.
This includes specialized placements in niche areas such as: private banking & wealth management, asset management, investment banking, sales and trading, finance, accounting & operations, alternative investments & private equity, insurance, legal, risk & compliance.

Information Technology

Ascendo Technology specializes in staffing, consulting, and workforce solutions within the areas of Information Technology & Engineering. Our framework of specialized talent and recruiting combined with our consulting, and outsourcing services offer tangible value that makes our clients successful. We are Tool and Technology Agnostic, we take your requirements, and will turn your vision into reality through leadership, planning, delivery, and results.
Global Fortune 500 companies work with us because we identify & deliver technology visionaries and other professionals across IT organizations. With a strong heritage, culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in technology services, we help companies leverage the potential from digital technologies like AI, automation, machine learning and Cloud to achieve their vision.

Next-level Contract Talent

Whether you're facing a critical open position, tackling a short or long-term project, or managing an annual workload spike, we tailor a contract talent solution to fit any scenario. Choose from on-site, remote, or hybrid options to ensure the perfect fit for your organization's unique requirements.

Next-level Permanent Talent

Strengthen your team for the long haul by quickly bringing in top talent, from emerging professionals to seasoned executives. Our streamlined interview process enables you to fast-track your recruiting and fill critical roles in just a few days. Secure the hard-to-find experience you need to drive your organization forward with ease and efficiency.


Ascendo delivers highly qualified candidates. Quickly finding people who are the right fit for your job requirements and culture.

How We’re Different

We’re experts with the inside track.

Because of our expertise in our chosen fields, you gain expert coaching, guidance, and a genuine support system you won’t find anywhere else–and that sets you up for success. You will be working with a recruiter that has deep connections to leading organizations, a better understanding of your unique skills and value, and access to the latest technologies to help you navigate your career path. We will find you the job that takes your career to the next level, is the right fit, and for the best compensation possible.

We’re focused on you because we are you.

You’re working with experts who are empathetic to your cause and don’t see you as a box to be checked. You’re a talented person deserving of the attention required to take the next step in your career. We’ll stay in contact with you, apprising you of relevant changes in your industry and local job markets. It’s how we ensure we’re finding the right matches for you, and not just the easy ones.

We thrive on different.

Our people are taken care of and love what they do, so they can focus on your goals and help you reach them. We’re always looking for diverse talent because we know they have unique ideas and fresh perspectives to offer our clients. With offices all over the country, knowledge of local markets, and a support network that’s just as diverse as the talent we recruit, we will find a placement that not only plays to your strengths, but reflects your personal and professional values.

Working with Ascendo


Tailored Hiring Solutions

Ascendo specializes in addressing your hiring needs, connecting you with skilled professionals for individual or team roles, whether remote or on-site, and for temporary or permanent positions. Contact your local office for personalized assistance in addressing critical staffing and consulting requirements.


Extensive Support Network:

With 13 locations and expanding, Ascendo provides widespread assistance precisely where and when you need it. Locate a nearby office for convenient access to their services.


Cost-Effective Staffing

While there are associated fees, Ascendo emphasizes that using their staffing services results in a net savings. Their efficient process saves time and money compared to independent searches for highly skilled employees.


Competitive Advantage with Top Talent

Ascendo offers a competitive edge by providing top talent at competitive prices. Their industry experts use local market knowledge to create perfect matches for temporary, project, or direct hire positions, ensuring the right staffing solutions for your organization. Explore the benefits of partnering with Ascendo.

Find The Next Match
For Your Business

Industry Expertise

Ascendo’s staffing professionals excel in key industries such as accounting, finance, compliance, healthcare, IT, legal, HR, and administration. Explore Ascendo’s tailored solutions for your business needs.

Swift Staffing Solutions

Ascendo swiftly connects you with skilled professionals for remote or on-site positions, ensuring immediate support for temporary, project, or full-time roles. Contact your local office to start the process promptly.

Holiday Pay

Ascendo ensures regular compensation for consultants on a weekly basis. For more information on our payment processes, please reach out to our payroll department. (After 1000 Hours)

Referral Bonus

Ascendo recognizes the importance of a strong network and offers a referral program. Please contact us for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never used a staffing agency. How does it work?

Our staffing specialists take time to get to know your unique hiring needs. Whether you need one person or an entire team (remote or on-site – temp or perm), we can connect you with highly skilled professionals with a wide array of experience. Our staffing professionals have extensive industry experience and will help you find the right talent for your organization in an efficient and timely manner. For personalized assistance, simply contact your local office or submit a contact us form. Our experts are ready to help you with your most critical staffing and consulting needs.


With 13 locations and more soon to open, Ascendo Resources can provide you with assistance where and when you need it. Find an office near you.

Yes, there are fees associated with using a staffing agency to hire employees, but the overall cost is typically a net savings for you because finding highly skilled employees can be time-consuming. You can save time and money by working with the staffing professionals at Ascendo Resources.

Weekly Pay

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Employee FAQs

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Professional Staffing
Tailored for You

What Our
Clients Are Saying

I have worked with Vanessa for several years to fill both temp to perm and direct hire permanent positions in NYC within the real estate management and development industry. Vanessa has been a pleasure to work with and is not only responsive, but very receptive to feedback on any candidates presented. Vanessa knows what questions to ask in order to qualify candidates for any of the various roles we have worked on. Vanessa and her team have placed several great candidates over the last 4 years and has kept in touch to ensure that the quality of candidate and overall interview process exceeds expectations. I would highly recommend working with Vanessa and I will continue working with her to fill any open roles that come up!

Sarah Hylas

 Brian and his Team at Ascendo have been great partners assisting with filling a number of key positions at CRJ. The Team has been consistently responsive to our needs, providing a qualified applicant pool for each position.


The representation of Ascendo and its staff is outstanding. Any assistance needed has always been addressed promptly and with excellence. I look forward to a continued relationship in servicing the needs of the departments in identifying and oftentimes hiring temporaries in our vacant positions here.

N. Sander

We had been unable to secure candidates for a staff accountant position. There were few applicants, and the ones who did apply either did not show up for the interview, or had no interest in being hired after the interview. When we contacted Ascendo to assist in finding candidates, the process was seamless. Ascendo located several good candidates, and we were able to extend and offer and hire the candidate who was the best fit for our organization.

Janice Jenkins

What Our
Clients Are Saying

Helping my candidate Ivonne navigate a career shift was a true pleasure. From getting her setup with a Contract Role, to coaching her through the training and position, to now her receiving a fulltime offer that is $15K over what she was previously making, makes all the work worth it. It just goes to show, when you have an advocate/recruiter on your side, and you are a candidate who puts in the work,  a career shift is possible.

Kevin Martinez

Executive Recruiter, New York

Direct hire recruiting is so much more than “filling a job.” As I speak with candidates, I am learning about their life circumstances, passions, and aspirations both career-related and otherwise.  Regardless of where professionals are in their careers, moves are made with care. I love being able to offer guidance and market insights to candidates to ensure that changes are long-term and for the better.

I also appreciate the relationships I have with my clients. They trust me to learn exactly what makes for successful hires on their teams. It’s all about feedback, diligence, and trust.

Valeria Diaz

Senior Executive Recruiter, New York

The financial services team at Ascendo has been an invaluable partner in helping us attract the right resources in this very competitive market. With their support, we have elevated the talent profile of the professional associates serving our clients.”

Chief Operations Officer

Kestra Financial

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